Preblast: Devil’s Turn – Danger Zone

  • When:12/01/16
  • QIC: Honey Bee

Preblast: Devil’s Turn – Danger Zone

There’s just over a week to go until the Kiawah marathon/half marathon and the hay is pretty much in the barn. Bratwurst’s calendar shows 8 miles for December 1 with no details how to get there. Let’s assume that means run at an easy pace.

There are two options for start times.
1) 5:00 am – Meet at corner of Rea Rd and Bevington Place. Run on Bevington out and back for 14 min.
2) 5:15 am – Meet at same starting location and run north on Rea Rd until across 51. Repeat out and back on Rea Rd between 51 and the start of Colony (the stoplight) until it is time to return the 0.7 mi to the start point by 6:15 am.

So there’s the plan. If you have alternate speeds which you would like to run, there is plenty of flexibility for that.

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