Ninja time

  • When:11/30/16
  • QIC: Swiss Miss
  • The PAX: Stone Cold, High Tide, Paper Jam, Tiger Rag, Boowah, Lois, Tweetsie, Madison, Swiss Miss

Ninja time

Our core group of PAX took shelter from the storm this morning and were treated to several new flavors of downpainment – Gumby style.

Disclaimer, Savasana and Devo,

Hug right knee 2B, release.  LEFT 2B, release.  Repeat 3X.
Lift both knees and fold to right side, arms “T” and head left. Hold 5B.  FLAPJACK.
Swing around to TABLETOP:  Cat/Cow 5X, follow breath.
Plank, Updog (hold 5B with small shifts to deepen stretch), Downdog (WALK THE DOG) 5B, step/hop to top and start sun salutations with extra breath at each pose until back to top.  Then 2nd time from mountain all the way through OYO, follow breath.

The Main Thang:
Pyramid/Ninja series:
Together: forward fold, half-way lift, lower to plank then inhale to Updog, exhale to Downdog.
RIGHT leg straight out.  Bend knee and draw very large circles, 3X clockwise, 3X counterCW, then draw knee to chest and place foot between hands (may need to tent fingers) and come into WARRIOR 1. Hold 5B
Straighten front leg and PYRAMID.  Start bend with hips, finish with back.  Hold 5B.
Shift torso and feet to face left for WIDE-LEG FORWARD FOLD.  Shift right and left slightly to deepen stretch.  5B
Squat on left foot for NINJA STRETCH. 5B.
Back up to WIDE-LEG FORWARD FOLD.  Use breath to deepen stretch. 5B
Back to PYRAMID over RIGHT leg. 5B
Back to WARRIOR 1. 5B  Step up to Mountain and 2X Sun Salutations OYO, meet in Mountain.
REPEATO Pyramid/Ninja series, opposite side.  Then:

Raise RIGHT leg for TREE.  Place foot into left thigh, not on knee.  Hands together at prayer center.  Hold 5B.
Grab RIGHT big toe with first two fingers and straighten leg in front, then slowly swing to side to open and stretch.  Left hand out straight from shoulder parallel to ground.  5B  Slowly release and lower foot back to mat.
2X Sun Salutations OYO, meet in Mountain
REPEATO TREE, left side.
2X Sun Salutations OYO, meet in Mountain

Half-way lift, take arm bind and use right hand to pull left elbow for folding side stretch.  5B.  Back to neutral and up to Mountain.  Repeato LEFT side for 5B.
Lower down to catcher’s squat on your toes and use slow and slight movements to stretch toes and Achilles. 10B

HALF-SPINAL TWIST:  Down to six, Right knee up and over left leg, left leg folded under so heel touching right thigh/butt, twist right with LEFT elbow on leg and LEFT hand holding left knee for support, hand open, fingers up.  Right hand reaching around to touch mat.  10B
Repeato LEFT side. 10B

Savasana and closing.

No new announcements

YHC was glad to bring some new material to Gumby.  I’m sure Booyah will add even more to our smorgasbord of stretches next week when he’s on Q.

I don’t know about you, but the Ninja stretch really takes me as close to pain as I want to go – obviously I need to do it more to loosen whatever it is that’s so tight.  And it’s a cool looking stretch – pretty sure not part of orthodox yoga (bonus).

YHC did have some killer music on tap, but stopped it for the opening savasana, then forgot to turn it back on.  If anyone is heading to the north pole, ask Santa for a smart-watch for YHC, so I can start and skip music from my mat, like High Tide demonstrated a few weeks ago.

Stay safe and healthy this week, gentlemen, and thank you for the privilege of leading.

Here’s the devo if you want to re-read it or share out.

I rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches. Psalm 119:14

Perhaps you’ve seen the TV ad in which a person answers the door and finds someone who hands over a check for an enormous amount of money. Then the amazed recipient begins shouting, dancing, jumping, and hugging everyone in sight. “I won! I’m rich! I can’t believe it! My problems are solved!” Striking it rich evokes a great emotional response.

In Psalm 119, the longest chapter in the Bible, we find this remarkable statement: “I rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches” (v. 14). What a comparison! Obeying God’s instructions for living can be just as exhilarating as receiving a fortune! Verse 16 repeats this refrain as the psalmist expresses grateful gladness for the Lord’s commands. “I delight in your decrees; I will not neglect your word.”

But what if we don’t feel that way? How can delighting in God’s instructions for living be just as exhilarating as receiving a fortune? It all begins with gratitude, which is both an attitude and a choice. We pay attention to what we value, so we begin by expressing our gratitude for those gifts of God that nourish our souls. We ask Him to open our eyes to see the storehouse of wisdom, knowledge, and peace He has given us in His Word.

As our love for Jesus grows each day, we indeed strike it rich!

Dear Father, open our eyes that we may see wonderful things in Your law. Thank You that Your instructions give wise advice.

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High Tide
7 years ago

Good one, SW. Yes, the ninja stretch just about put a little kung-fooey on me, esp the left side.
For your Christmas list, here is a link for Santa:

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