I thought Castro was dead

  • When:11/30/16
  • QIC: Van Pelt
  • The PAX: Scabby, Rachel, Brilleaux, Utah, Iron Horse, Abba, Big Tuna, Ickey Shuffle, Cane, Hannibal, Alf, Mermaid, Van Pelt

I thought Castro was dead

In the balmy Cuba-esque breeze, 13 PAX gathered in the gloom. The virtual shovel flag flapped it the breeze. A less-than-adequate disclaimer was given (forgot about the dental disclaimer, which would be needed later) and off we went.


B = Body builders (8 count burpees) x 10
I = Imperial Walkers x 10
R = Rock Skippers (like a side to side mountain climber; feet together) x 10
T = Tempo Merkins x 10 (or 20—YHC doesn’t recall)
H = Humpers, monkey style x 20
D = Diamond merkins x 10
A = Abe Vigoda x 10
Y = Yogi Berra (he was a catcher; low, slow squat) x 10

The Thang:

Death Triangle. Run to point in the distance. Scorpion merkins x 10. Run to second point. Rock Skippers x 10. Run back to start point. Double merkin burpee (#crowdpleaser) x 10. Flutter.

Repeato with 15 reps. LBC’s
Repeato with 20 reps. Dolly, Freddy Mercury.

Mosey to the sweat box. Partner up (intelligence and looks do matter). Dora 1-2-3.
Partner 1 runs to light pole and back. Partner 2 does called exercise. Flip Flop.
Together, each pair completes 100 derkins, 200 LBC’s, and 300 squats.
Step ups/irkins as rest of PAX completes.

Peoples Donkey Balls—Peoples Chair with 20 air presses, 15 donkey kicks OYO, Balls to wall with 10 hip slappers. (that’s where the dental part comes in. See below). Repeato with 10-count BTW instead of hip slappers. Repeato for Round 3 with another 10-count BTW.

Mosey to start. Circle up as we pass a burpee around the circle until we reach 53 Burpees.

Finished. BOM. YHC took us out.


Nice of the PAX to come out and celebrate YHC’s b-day. Trying to catch Iron Horse. Tuna and YHC were only ones there for a while. There is only so much banking you can talk in the gloom. Luckily, the PAX began rolling in. Alf claimed there was a stench in the air. Could have been Tuna.

Weather was downright balmy for a November day. Death Triangle was quite fun, esp. as we added reps each round. Luckily, other PAX were offering words of encouragement b/c YHC could not catch enough breath to talk.

Needed a “Y” exercise for warm-up. Not a bunch of Y exercises out there. Had to modify squats into Yogi Berra’s.

The Peoples Donkey Balls is best performed in dry, non-leafy conditions. Alf, known to have the prettiest teeth in Area 51, had hand slippage on the hip slappers. Luckily, no face plant, and the chompers are still intact. Omaha on rounds #2 and #3 with 10-count. Not sure disclaimer covered new dentures.

During Round #2 of PDB, somebody (don’t know who… hearing is the first to go) stated, “I thought Fidel Castro was dead. Why are we subjected to this torture?” Or something like that. Sorry—no celebrations or dancing in the streets at Anvil…just hard work.

Thanks for opportunity to lead. Have a piece of cake this morning.


Bring toys, clothes, cash for Operation Sweet Tooth to an AO this week or to the Christmas Party.
Joe Davis run.
Christmas Party is County Club Casual. Wear a jacket and bill your drinks to the Underhills. Tell them John Coctosan told you to do it.

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7 years ago

Clever VP.

Happy Birthday!

Righteous birthday beatdown hosted by a righteous #HIM. The Death Triangle was tough. Thought for sure you were going to call 25.

Good luck with the 1/2 marathon this weekend

7 years ago

Happy Birthday and great Q VP and thanks for the audible so I can keep the teeth in my head.

7 years ago

Happy birthday, VP! Great workout. I went for a run this afternoon (not sure what I was thinking), and totally regretted that call after this morning. Well done.

On the 25 rep thing – I’m very glad you didn’t call it. There might have been some refusinik happening. Speaking of refusinik, I’m evidently smarter than Alf. As soon as the “hip slappers” were called, I knew right away that wasn’t happening. When upside down, both hands remain firmly on the ground. Remember that.

Thanks for the Q. I came to experience it, and I wasn’t disappointed. Enjoy a beer tonight – you’ve earned it.

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