Homage to Haze

  • When:11/29/16
  • QIC: Ductwork
  • The PAX: Van Pelt (Respect), Turkey Leg, Gummy, Utah, Madison, Pop Tart, Mermaid, Soul Glow, Ductwork (Q)

Homage to Haze

Posted on behalf of Ductwork

9 men decided to get their Fast Twitch on, even with a VQ at the helm and few rain drops and slick leaves on the roads.  We kept it simple today… running several hills for several miles.

The Thang:

After a quick disclaimer, we completed a Fast Twitch mosey down Woodfox, to Rounding Run, to the bottom of Rising Meadow.  Knocked out a quick set of IW x20 (for Gummy), and dodged the paper delivery driver 2 times.  Completed a backwards run up Rising Meadow to the light pole and the fun began:

Triple Nickel from the top of Rising Meadow to the bottom of Windbluff.  5 squats at the top, 5 merkins at the bottom, 5 rounds.  Plank for the six, then one more backwards run up Rising Meadow for good measure.  2nd F pace back to the school and done.  Simple yet brutal.


Purple Haze asked YHC to Q several weeks ago and after internally debating several options for the morning plan, I thought it best to pay homage to Haze and duplicate the torture of my first-ever post to Fast Twitch; when the Haze-led PAX completed this same disheartening weinke.

Strong work by the entire PAX and not a lot of mumble chatter… except for Gummy reining-in YHC as we headed down Woodfox.  Must have been the VQ adrenaline.

Turkey Leg set the pace and didn’t let up, with Van Pelt not too far behind.  Pop Tart was a beast and has become full on runner (BRR 2017).  Soul Glow, Madison and Gummy were getting after it the entire time. And Mermaid and Utah made the hills look easy.  The PAX made it through, logging anywhere between 5.5 and 6.25 miles, maybe more.  Again… simple yet brutal.

Purple Haze… you missed a good one and we hope to see you back at FT soon.  Thanks to Turkey Leg and Haze for the opportunity to lead.


·         F3 South Charlotte Christmas Party – 7pm-11pm, Friday December 2nd.  DJ, great food, cash bar.  Country Club attire, no jeans.  British accent optional.

·         Operation Sweet Tooth Toy and Supply Drive – bring your gifts, toiletries, clothing, etc. to the AOs this week or bring them to the Christmas Party on Friday.  Check out the list of needs on Twitter (@mermaid_F3) and help support Alexander Youth Network.

·         Sign up for the Joe Davis Run in January.

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7 years ago

Longest Triple Nickel for YHC to date. That hurt. Wasn’t there for Haze-led round 1. Once is enough on that one. Nice job on the VQ Ductwork.

7 years ago

When Ductwork stopped at Rising Meadow I thought, “oh no, he’s going to make us do the triple nickel on this hill”. Then he unleashed the bad news that the “bottom” of the hill was about half a mile away at the bottom of the Windbluff hill. I could never decide which direction I hated more. By the time I got to the 4th lap, I was proud that I was going to finish (and maybe not be lapped by Turkey Leg on his 6th lap). Alas, my testy calf had other plans and I had to walk all the way back to the school from the bottom of Windbluff.

The other guys were killing it though. I mostly kept up with Van Pelt last week, but he was way ahead of me this week. And Pop Tart is absolutely turning into a runner.

Good lead, Ductwork. Fast Twitch is always the worst best hour of the week. I’ve done a normal boot camp workout on my own on vacation or something, but I would never run the routes or paces we do at FT on my own.

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