Where did everyone go?

  • When:11/29/16
  • QIC: Frasier
  • The PAX: Outback (LIFO), Wild Turkey (Early), Depth Charge (Swift FNG), One Niner (Early), Long Haul, Tolken (Early, Early), Strange Brew, Rock Thrill (Early, Early), Hairball (Early, Early), Honey Bee (Early, Early), Haggis, Tuck (Early, Early), Tiger Rag (Early, Early), Mario (Early, Early), Frasier Q (Early, Early)

Where did everyone go?

The orders had been handed down from the supreme leader Brat.  The instructions seemed simple on paper but this would prove to be false in the end.

The preblast went out the day before and people actually read it.  We had eight including myself come to the early, early portion that started at 4:45am.  The early, early crew ran for ten minutes and then did five minutes of chit chatting while doing Brat inspired warm ups.  This was followed by fifteen minutes of T-pace.  The early crew set out at 5:00 and were seen while the early, early crew finished up the T-pace.  Both the early, early and the early groups reconvened at 5:15am to pick the regular Swift runners.  Strange to think that 5:15am is the normal times.  Feels like that hasn’t happened in a long time.

2nd F pace was the instruction for thirty five minutes.  We left the Vine and headed toward Sara’s YMCA where we took a right heading towards Ballantyne Commons.   The group ran left on Ballantyne Commons to Community House.  Down Community House for a few tenths of a mile and then back through the office park to Ballantyne Commons to turn home.  It was at this point that I realized that some of the pax was not with us.  Completely my fault and luckily Tolken volunteered to go back and retrieve them.  2nd F finished at the intersection of Sara’s YMCA and the start of the Bull Ring.  This is where we did our second T-pace run finishing with five minutes to spare.  We collected the six and headed home.  We got in two minutes early.  Tolken and Tuck felt cheated and asked for their money back but when they were told no refund they ran away for two minutes.  Haggis, Long Haul, Honey Bee and one other decided to do plank for two minutes.  The rest of us just sat around and watched in awe.  Tiger Rag checked form.

NM: I haven’t led a workout since August with all of this running business.  I was a little rusty.  I have taken it for granted to just show up and listen. Brat has spoiled us all this fall.  I know I have really appreciated all of the help and instruction from Brat since he got traded from Metro to SOB land.

I was a great morning for running. Felt like the summer again with the humidity.  Lots of Sun is out Guns are out guys this morning.  Maria showed up in a tobbagin but quickly realized he was over dressed.  Hopefully Kiawah will be much cooler next weekend.

We missed Bunker.  Heard he went home early Monday.  Hopefully everything is okay.

Good to meet Depth Charge and good on him for finding F3 on his own.  Hopefully he will keep coming back to the running workouts once a week.

Everyone seems primed and ready for Kiawah.  I know people are excited that all of this running is about over.

My bad again on the 2nd F pace out there.  I apologize to Strange Brew, Rock Thrill, Outback and Wild Turkey.

Hope your cold gets better Outback.

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7 years ago

I agree that Brat spoils us with a well-organized route/plan each week. Great job stepping up. I ran out of gas towards the end and was afraid I couldn’t make a second lap on the T-pace course and ended up running slow circles. All the more reason to keep posting! SYITG!

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