Variety is the spice of life… I think

  • When:11/28/16
  • QIC: Udder
  • The PAX: Goonie, Tawny, Thunder Road, Fireman Ed, Costanza, Wolfman, Big Top, Insomniac, Simba, Cotton Mouth, Lazy Boy, Steinbrenner, Drano, Udder (QIC)

Variety is the spice of life… I think

14 pax found their way to basecamp to deposit the daily downpain-ment. YHC glossed over the disclaimer as no FNGs were present, drew attention to “Old Glory” flying on SCMS front lawn and away we went. (hops would be proud)

COP modified
quick stop by Drano’s jeep?? door left open, he opted to close it. Mosey out to Strawberry and down the Lane to gravel. Stops at speed humps and lights for 10ish IC count exercises. Merkins, SSH, IW, LSS, CCD and 2 others.

The (multiple) Thangs
Partner up. Size/Speed dont’ matter. Catch me if you can to SCMS driveway. Partner 1 does 10 merkins then catches P2. Repeato to SCMS. Plank up and wait on the 6. Mosey over to Semi G’s Office. Peoples chair w/50 arm raises. Donkey kicks x 20 IC. Mosey down to the lower baseball fields. Partners still apply. catch me if you can animal version. P1 bear crawls bases. P2 does 10 merkins and runs to catch P1. Swap/Repeato around bases to home. plank. repeato with Crab walk. #crowdpleaser. PC on backstop fence waiting on 6. (might have called a 10 count) Mosey up to upper baseball fields and bleachers. Grab your buddy again. P1 AYG to stairs, up and left down ramp back to bleachers. P2 derkins to failure. Swap. Repeato x 2 with dips and suppine pullups. plank and air chair while waiting on 6. Fireman Ed attempted to jack the plank with a 6 inch 10 count. Quickly broken up with a mosey back to SG’s office. More PC with air presses.

There’s something about Mary:
circle up in the lot. Russian… I mean American Hammer x 25 IC (chatter was strong in the beginning and non existent around 18-19 – Proud papa 🙂 Bus decides to come thru. Goonie warns we are in it’s direct path and we mosey to sidewalk. Mary aborted. We circle up shoulder to shoulder for a Ring of Fire. Boy was it ever. After getting the PAX agreeable to the idea we started to find a rythm. Said rythm was propmtly disrupted by a Pax with a sleep disorder and his rotting lower intestine. Gladly we all made it out alive.

YHC may have seemed a bit more confused than normal but that was due to not planning a workout, intentionally, to get myself into a bit of an uncomfortable place and “Wing it”. Let me tell you, it’s kinda fun to come up with a WOD on the spot. I had a loose idea going in but that quickly faded as O2 deprivation set in and my brain had to manifest exercises on the fly. Try it some time.
Fireman Ed tried multiple Q jacks. Denied easily by getting up and running. 🙂
Mumble chatter was on point as well, until the exercise count increased and YHC heard voices trailing off only to become wheezing and disdain.
Insomniac violated the circle of trust with something dead inside him. #muchrefusnik
Kotters to Cotton Mouth – I have not seen him in a long time. Maybe it’s the other way around. Glad to see you out and kicking it in high gear.
Simba mentioned something about running more often. So we did.
The lower BB fields have some amazing sand. Feels like a carribean beach.
Come check out Dranos VQ next week.

VQ Drano @ basecamp – 12/5
Last min gear order – yesterday was the last day. sorry
Xmas party 12/2 @ firethorne –
– Dress Code –
– Bring things –
Joe Davis –

YHC with the take out

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7 years ago

I said I seem to be getting worse and worse at running. This was terrible.

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