Let’s head to the garage I am afraid of the sprinkles

  • When:11/29/16
  • QIC: Fire Hazard
  • The PAX: Frehleys Comet, Market Timer, Bucky, Fallout, Nard-dog, Paper Jam, Mario (s), Chipotle, Hairball(s), Fraiser(s), Wild Turkey(s), Long Haul(s), Honey Bee(s), Haggis(s), Mic Check, Tiger Rag(s), Depth Charge(s), One Niner(s), Rock Thrill(s), Strange Brew(s), Jillo, Tuck(s), JRR Tolkein(s), Kirby, General s- denotes swift

Let’s head to the garage I am afraid of the sprinkles

12 or so men headed out to into the gloom for a quick warm-up and some garage work
SSH x 20
Windmills x 10
Merkins x 10 IC

Head to the garage for the real THANG…
Head to the bottom of the only garage in which we are officially allowed to better ourselves.
All the way to the bottom and partner up.
Partner 1 heads to the far wall and back while partner 2 is doing some Merkins. Flapjack until 200 total Merkins are accumulated.
Next do the same thing but with 300 squats.
Run up a couple of flights with some Mary to get everyone caught up.
Partner up again with a different partner. Same style workout but with an accumulated 100 burpees.
Head back down to the parking garage and back to the AO with Merkins, a lot of plank work, and some Mary to until we got to the CVS then all you got to the Vine.

There was a solid group of guys giving full effort. The one thing I learned today is that if you team up Frehley’s and Nard Dog you will have a very gaseous adventure. Be warned future Q’s.
I appreciate Bucky and Morning After letting me Q this fine group of men. Great to see Kirby and Jillo (if that is his name) out and pushing to get better today. Per the usual Mic Check and General are always fast and strong. Also, I wanted to note that Market Timer only had on one shirt which is confusing. I think we should start counting how many times this happens. Also, fallout appears to be much faster than I remember so my guess is he has been pushing wherever he has been posting. Great group of men today.
Bring toys to your Q this week or to the Christmas Party.
Sign-up for the race (5k/10k) or even the Fartsack version.

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7 years ago

Jello, not Jillo. It should have been SeaWolf, but that would have been like cool.

Good workout. I’ll see you guys again!

Market Timer
Market Timer
7 years ago

I’ll put the other shirt back on once the temps go below 65. I let Bucky borrow it today.

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