Swift Preblast 11/29/16

  • When:11/29/16

Swift Preblast 11/29/16

Our fearless leader and running guru is off this week playing in the “happiest place on earth.”  I accepted the challenge of trying to herd all of the cats of Swift this week into one seamless bada$$ running unit.  I of course got close consultation from the site Q beforehand.

We are less than two weeks out before the big race.  I know not everyone is running Kiawah but you just need to tolerate us for two more Swifts before we returning to regular running times.  This week it calls for a fifteen minute T-pace, 35 minutes 2nd F pace followed up with another 15 minutes of T-pace.

In order to get  all of that in.  We will start at 4:45am to get in our normal warm up i.e. run ten minutes followed by stretching.  We will start the T-pace portion at 5:00am and finish up at 5:15 at the Vine to collect the rest of the group.  We will run the Bull Ring down Rushmore, left on Ballantyne Commons, left on Ballantyne Corporate back to the Bull Ring.  Break off when there is five minutes or less to head back to the Vine for the T-pace portion.  We will run our 2nd F pace for 35 minutes through Ballantyne.  Followed by the last T-pace on the same route as before.  This time we will meet up at the Bull Ring when you are done and run back together.  We should have a few minutes to spare if everything runs on time.

I am sure everyone is completely confused but I have faith it will work out.


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