No Blocks? No Problem!

  • When:11/26/16
  • QIC: Madison
  • The PAX: Hands Off, The Count, Salt Lick, Hair Band, Drop Thrill

No Blocks? No Problem!

The short work week that leads to Thanksgiving Day gives lesser men an excuse to fartsack – family in town, travel, too much stuffing, the cat has diarrhea, etc.  Really, any excuse could be used, but for A Few Good Men of Union County, Saturday morning meant the traditional SVMS beatdown known as Outland.  No newbies, so everyone was disclaimed and off we went.  A lack of cinderblocks caused YHC to shift gears to Plan B immediately, but no blocks was no problem.

The Thang

Mosey yog to elementary school entrance and circle up for COP while waiting for Hairband and Drop Thrill to ruck it to the COP

SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

LSS x 20 IC

Windmill x 20 IC

Mosey to rock pile and pick and pick a lifting rock.  Hands Off appeared to be a rock virgin,  The Count, Salt Lick, and YHC initiated him quckly out by picking a nice lifting rock for him.  Hairband and Drop Thrill bypassed the rock pile and used their ruck sacks as a modification.  Gather your rock and mosey to the end of the elementary school bus lot where the following pre-planned pyramid weinke was waiting (in full disclosure, this is the same concept Turkey Leg used at the Matrix earlier in the week.  It was so brutal, I decided to rinse & repeat)

  1. Run a lap around the buses
  2. Burpees
  3. O/H Press with rock
  4. Curls with rock
  5. Jump Squats
  6. Hand Release Merkins
  7. Crunches
  8. Squats
  9. Flutter Press with rock
  10. Derkins
  11. V-Ups
  12. Tricep Extensions with rock

Starting with a lap, return to starting spot and perform 2 burpees then run a lap.  Return, 3 x OH Press, 2 x burpees, 1 lap, etc.

Perform exercises until everyone finishes all 12.  Salt Lick got to 12 and started heading back to 1.  He got to 8 before YHC called time and the PAX moseyed to the tires.  DT & HB rucked.

Split into 2 teams of 3.  Players 1 & 2 are separated from Player 3 by approx. 10 yds.  P1 flips tire 5 times (to player 3) while P2 & P3 plank.  P3 flips tire (5 times) back to P2 while P1 & P2 plank.  P2 flips tire back to P1 while P1 & P3 plank.  Repeat until 7:50.  Mosey to middle school cafeteria for supine pull ups.  Wall sits while HB & DT ruck it.

20 skupine pull ups OYO then circle up for Mary

20 x Flutter IC

20 x Dolly IC

20 x Can Opener (10 right & 10 left) IC

20 x Rosalita IC en Espanol

10 x LBC

The Moleskin

The Outland faithful were out in force this AM.  You can always count on Hair Band, The Count to be in attendance anytime there’s a workout at SVMS.  It was good to see Hands Off who was home from college for the holiday (it also helps to motivate you to post when you are dating HB’s daughter).  Salt Lick is fast.  And strong.  He works hard.  Drop Thrill is a madman.  He carried a 100 lb ruck the entire time (OK, so I guessed at the weight) and pushed through every exercise.

Two of the workouts I attended this week took time out at the end and gave each PAX in attendance a chance to talk about things they were thankful for.  I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to lead such an excellent group of young men — For the reasons above and many, many more.


Joe Davis Run = January 7.  Discount code expires Sunday

Thanks to Salt Lick for taking us out


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Drop Thrill
7 years ago

100 lbs? Maybe that’s what’s been hurting my back so much!

Good q brother.

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