Breaking With Tradition (aka the great turkey burn off.)

  • When:11/26/16
  • QIC: Flipper
  • The PAX: Gummy, Private Benjamin, Jet Fuel, Telemundo, Nemo, Marlin, McGee, Rachael, PePe, Buttermaker, Witch Doctor, Dumpster Fire, Prohibition, Safelite, Hoover, Blades of Glory, Boerewors, Invictus (FNG)

Breaking With Tradition (aka the great turkey burn off.)

In the not-so early hours the PAX began to gather at our launch point, many of the our Rock regulars showing many minutes earlier than our #highintensity brethren who came in hot as the bell was primed to ring.  As the much debated shovel flag dropped into the earth, the clock struck 7 and we were off into the not-so-gloom.  YHC came prepared with a downpainment aimed to bring some sweat, and remind some that Burpees are back in-bounds on Saturday mornings.

The Thang:

Mosey to the courtyard by the fake lawn

SSH X25 followed by 6 inches

Low Slow Jump Squat X 20 followed by 6 inches

Merkins X 20 followed by 6 inches (a little plank-o-rama mixed in)

5 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the lawn at the corner of Rea and 51 for some plank-up and elevator pushups

Mosey to the next corner 51 and Cary Ridge Dr for some Mary (protractor and rosalita)

Mosey to the park, down the hill near the sidewalk and across the road

All you got to the top of the hill, 5 burpees, AYG back

Lunge walk to the top, 5 burpees, LW back

Broad Jump across the road, bearcrawl up the hill, 5 Burpees, reverse

Mosey to playground and split into 2 groups, first group stayed and did 5,4,3,2,1 alternating sets of pull-ups and derkins while the second AYG to the first light post up the road and completed 10 burpees before returning.  Flap-jack repeato

Mosey to first light on the road, Run lamp to lamp either doing 10 standard or 5 airborne varieties of merkins and squats (alternating)… overly complicated but we figured it out.  On the way back 10 burpees at every other street light.

Worlds longest indian run back to the library parkinglot

AYG to first median, 5 burpees, AYG back for 5 burpees, repeat but to the second median.

Mosey to cars for the final 20 Burpees to round to 100 and a couple pieces o’ mary before the final bell sounded.


For my first Q as site Q and my first Q for RockZero I have to say I was quite humbled.  First to lead a group of PAX 18 strong is a new challenge for my skills and I’ll have to adapt going forward to ensure the workout addresses the group effectively.  Secondly after 10 days off, I wasn’t quite ready for the intensity from McGee, Marlin and Rachael among others.  Often YHC would finish sets in the middle of the pack, demonstrating that strength may follow #highintensity more than we thought.  YHC even witnessed McGee throwing down some killer sweet burpees after his “speed form” was admired earlier in the workout.  Much mumble chatter was offered by PAX not named flipper, another change of pace and much sweat stained the AO once the minute hand moved to a count of 60.  The merger of equals has brought great bounty to the southland IMO and YHC looks forward to seeing the strength of competition increase.  Maybe at some point we’ll stop looking like the sharks and jets, but till then a divided house can still sweat together.

Be Strong Men This Week All


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7 years ago

Great workout, you definitely have my vote for “adapting” away from burpees, haha. Also, Hoover is reporting that he has been hugging the toilet all day after the workout, so something really didn’t quite agree with him, most likely the burpees.

Dumpster Fire
Dumpster Fire
7 years ago

Ye, though my Gamecocks are walking in the shadow of the valley of death, we shalt be afraid of everything….for the woodshed calleth. Thy rod and staff have been used on our backside for much of thine 30 minutes of play at halftime. #SCvsCLEM

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