Basketballs and . . . Yoga?

  • When:11/25/16
  • QIC: Bottlecap
  • The PAX: Ole McDonald (R), Shop Dawg (R), Ranger (2.0), Toast (2.0), Jingles, Frack, Bolt (2.0), Ice-9, Hollywood, Doc McStuffins, Posse, Gator Cub (R), Tinker Toy, Bledsoe (FNG), Hokie Pokey (FNG, R), Da-Na-Na, Bottlecap (QIC)

Basketballs and . . . Yoga?

After roughly 83 confusing group texts about what this workout would involve, 17 PAX still decided to show up on a crisp morning to see what it would entail.  Almost everybody listened to the request of “bringing a basketball” (and a few brought extra) so everybody had a friend for the day.

We had many special guests join us:  Tinker Toy in from Raleigh, 3 FNGs, Da-Na-Na’s first appearance of the school year, and Doc McStitches showed up fashionably late.



Grab a basketball and mosey to front parking lot while giving disclaimer for those who thought YHC was a professional basketball player.

SSH x 33

IW x 33

MC x 33

Merkins x 10

LBC w/Pistols x 33

Jump Squats X 20

Cotton Pickers x 15



Mosey behind school on sidewalk and do some Mary

American Hammer x 33

V-Up with ball transfer x 10

Mosey to midfield of Soccer field and partner up for some 30-3s

Both partners run to opposite end lines for Burpees x 3.  Run back and meet your partner for 30 reps.  3 sessions (Merkins on ball, WW2 sit-ups w/ball, Jump Squats) with plank work on ball in between.  Some idle chatter/mumbling about # of Merkins.  However, FNGs didn’t seem to mind the work.


Mosey to edge of field closer to basketball court for more partner work.  Partner 1 does exercise while P2 runs to court, makes a basket, and runs back to switch.  Lots of “activity” on the basketball court. Bolt apparently wanted to make his old man work harder by purposely missing the shot.  And Doc and Gator Cub were doing their best Dikembe Motumbo impressions.

Merkins on ball x 100

LBCs x 200


Mosey to main entrance for some curb work

Dips x 20

CDD on ball, sprint to other curb for dips (10 reps, 8, 6, 4, 2)


Jailbreak to cars for Mary.  The 2.0s calls the exercises.

Ranger = 10 flutters

Toast = 20 American hammers

Bolt = 10 WW2 sit-ups



Good to get out and shake out of the food coma.  Great showing after some suspect pre-marketing by YHC.  There were less inquiries about YHC’s basketball skills today and more about the Yoga background.  Always humbling to get schooled by the 2.0s . . . Nice work Ranger, Toast, Bledsoe, and Bolt!  The  last 2, along with Hokie Pokey, are FNGs but obviously not new to working hard.  #crushedit.  Thanks to Tinker Toy for coming in from Raleigh and bringing the FNGs.  Welcome additions to F3 Union County!

Thanks to Shop Dawg for taking us out!


F3 Sanctuary:  Monday nights at Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel.  7:30pm.  All are welcome.

Opportunity to serve:  December 7th at 4:30pm.  Feeding the homeless in Monroe.  Reach out to Transporter and/or Ice-9 for more details.

Commitment workout:  Saturdays at Weddington High School.  6:30am-7:30am

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