Run, Fun and Raking Leaves

  • When:11/24/16
  • QIC: Paper Jam
  • The PAX: Teddy, Cold Cuts, Ernie (F3-Raleigh),Kilowatt (R), Strawberry, Pepe (F3-Raleigh), Lex Luthor, Rachel, Madison, Haggis

Run, Fun and Raking Leaves

Pulling up to the Chic-Fil-A about 6:25 this morning, I could see a few of the F3 faithful had already made it, including Kilowatt, who was asking the other PAX when the restaurant was opening because he thought this was a 3rd F. As I was trying to console him that there would be no chicken minis, I hear a particular Scottish accent piercing the gloom questioning the Qs ability to perform a proper Thanksgiving Day workout.

With that challenge before me, I provided the disclaimer and off we went. Mosey across the street to the Blakeney shopping center for the COP.


SSH X 15

5 burpees (care of Haggis)

IW x 15

5 merkins

LSS x 15


Line up by the fountain area and perform the called exercise, run to the Christmas Tree and back. 3 rounds: 10 derkins, 20 merkins, 30 dips.

Then the first leg of the inaugural  Paper Jam Turkey Trot, run at your own pace from Blakeney Shopping Center to Park Farms Lane, perform mary in the parking lot of the Reaburn pool area while waiting on the six.

Mosey to the hill behind the pool, line up at bottom of hill for some fun, 10 crunches at the bottom of the hill and 10 heels to heaven at the top of the hill, 3 rounds.

Once done there, the 2nd leg of the Paper Jam Turkey Trot. Run at your own pace through Reaburn sub division (Parks Farm Ln, Fieldgate Dr, Bay Tree Way) to Darcy Hopkins Drive, stopping at each intersection to perform 25 LBCs.

While in Reaburn we stopped at a stately manor where there happen to be a pile of rakes and trash bags. Partner up, partner 1 grab a rake and partner 2 grab a trash back and see how fast we could rake up the leaves in the front yard. Partners flap jack for the back yard.

Finishing there, the final leg of the Trot, hit the trails to run back to the AO, stopping twice along the way to perform some mary and maybe some merkins.


QIC had a major dilemma facing him earlier in the week, I had an incredible urge to eat a bunch of stuff on Thanksgiving but the neighborhood Turkey Trot (5k) was cancelled and no workouts scheduled. But God is faithful, He wasn’t going to allow me to miss my only planned run (Madame Tussauds suckering me into doing The Brave does not count). On Tuesday, Strawberry mentions at Bagpipe that Alf is looking for someone to lead a workout on Thanksgiving morning, problem solved.

Great to see our friends from Raleigh join us. Pepe is very peppy, he kept up with Haggis, Teddy and Rachel. Enjoyed running along with Ernie through the trails (he is more at a Paper Jam pace).

Thanks Strawberry for making sure Kilowatt was powering through.


Joe Davis Run-sign up

F3 Dads McKee Elementary, TODAY, 9:00-10:30

Operation Sweet Tooth


Strawberry provided an inspirational message about the value of slowing down and appreciating today.

Then each of the PAX related 3 things that they were grateful for. Incredible testimony by Rachel, easily the fastest man out there today (and most of the F3 workouts) was told 6 years ago that he would not run again. He proved those docs wrong.

This morning was a reminder how grateful that I am for F3, thank you men for allowing me to lead and to be a part of this fellowship.




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7 years ago

Paper Jam, you lied. At Gumby you told me we would be running at your pace, not Haggis’ pace. Between Gumby and today I will hardly be able to get to the Thanksgiving table. At least I should recover and be able to enjoy my minis after my 4 mile java run on Saturday morning.

I am thankful for your Q this morning even with CFA being closed!

Paper Jam
Reply to  Kilowatt_a51
7 years ago

Kilowatt, that WAS the plan, but then Haggis showed up with his Scottish bluster and know what happened after that.

7 years ago

No problem, at lease Strawberry and Ernie made sure I didn’t get lost!

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