No Pardon for this Turkey

  • When:11/23/13
  • QIC: Van Pelt
  • The PAX: Goonie, Triple 7 (R), Commish (R), Chipotle, Big Tuna, Haggis, Bus Boy, Ex Lax, Driver, Torpedo, Danica (former FNG Cash), Miscount (former FNG Will), Van Pelt (Q)

No Pardon for this Turkey

12 strong showed up in the pre-Thanksgiving gloom for a pre-turkey beatdown. Commish planted the shovel flag. Off we went…then, another PAX rolled in (777) and our numbers grew to 13. Our blood has not thickened for the cold, so the mosey was welcomed by all, sort of.

The Thang:
After a quick mosey, we did the THANKS warm-o-rama. No side straddle hops or imperial walkers for this crowd.
T = tempo merkins
H = humpers, monkey style
A = Abe Vigoda (windmills, old man style)
N = Nolan Ryans
K = Knee Highs
S = Sun God

With shoulders still aching, we gathered behind HT/Target to slay the beast. 6 speed bumps, 6 repetitions at each bump, 6 rounds–with some Mary and planking for those finishing faster.
Round 1 = Merkin Jack…Round 2 = Jump Squat…Round 3 = Wide Arm Merkins…Round 4 = Heels to Heaven…Round 5 = Mountain Climbers…Round 6 = Burpees. Beast fully done and off to the back of the theater.

Peoples Donkey Balls: Peoples chair with 20 air presses, 15 donkey kicks, BTW for 10 count. Repeato. Escape before anybody sees us.

Del Browns: 10 merkins…25 yard crab walk (or bear crawl or lunge walk or mosey)…10 diamond merkins…25 year crab walk…10 merkins.
Return trip: 10 squats…25 yard lunge…10 jump squat…25 yard lunge…10 squat.



Nice mixture of hates, ayes, and respects in the gloom to welcome 2 FNG’s. It was the invasion of bankers with 5 in attendance (enough for a quorum). Welcome FNG Miscount (Will, who is a credit analyst/underwriter) and Danica (FNG Cash, also a banker but a race car driver on the side). Keep coming—it gets easier unless you draw a tough Q (McGee, Lobsta Roll, and others).

No SSH or IW threw off the PAX, but it is Thanksgiving. Mixing it up a bit.

Grumbling overheard when burpees called for last round of Beast. But, that is as traditional as turkey and dressing on Thanksgiving. Don’t break tradition.

Haggis correctly pointed out that anyone who could actually do a diamond merkin at that point was cheating. Yep. YHC was merely twitching.

We can now go back for seconds and thirds tomorrow having logged a good early morning beatdown.

YHC took us out with thanks.


Toy drive for Operation Sweet Tooth. Bring toys to various AOs next week.

Convergence tomorrow at 6:30 at DaVinci (chick fil a blakeney)

Joe Davis Run. Sign up.

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