Orange-Out at Bagpipe

  • When:11/22/16
  • QIC: Frehleys Comet
  • The PAX: (14) Bagpipe: Frehleys Comet, Paper Jam, Fire Marshall Bill, Nard Dog, Strawberry, Mighty Mite, Bucky, Thin Mint, Mario, Fire Hazard, Morning After, Heart Breaker, FNG (Roscoe) (10) Swift: Bratwurst (Q), Long Haul, Stump Hugger, Frazier, Tuck, Pig Pen, One-Niner, Bunker, Tiger Rag, Wild Turkey,

Orange-Out at Bagpipe

In honor of Rivalry Week (that means football guys, basketball hasn’t really started yet!!!), YHC was wearing his true colors – orange of course – including Tiger Rags in front and back. Thankfully the rags were only for show and had no functional use this time!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all and safe travels!!!

Warmup: SSH X 15, Imperial Squat Walker X 10, Merkin/Mountain Climber 10X9X8X7X6 (10 merkins + 10 MC then 9, 8, etc). Mosey to Lock Ness Lake for stations:

Workout: 3 stations (both knee walls and fitness trail): 3 exercises of 10 reps at each station repeat 3 times (run between each station).

1st station: step-ups with kettle bells, derkins, dips

2nd station: jump ups, dips, derkins

3rd station: dips, pull-ups, squats

Finished at station 1 (1st wall) for Mary 15 reps each of LBC, Dolly, Flutter, Heels to Heaven, and then Protractor). Merkin Mountain Climbers 5x4x3x2x1 plus 10 burpees.  Mosey to parking lot for bear crawls and merkins at every other line (2x4x6x8x10 reps). Then lung walks with jump squats every other line (2×4…x10 reps). Then knee ups + burpees at every other line (x2 reps). Finished with Merkins/Mary Ladder (merkins + LBC – 10 each, 9 each, 8, each…..5 each).

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