Wild Turkey and the his little beast

  • When:11/21/16
  • QIC: Wild Turkey
  • The PAX: Dumpster Fire, Cheddar, Tramp Stamp, White Collar, Snowflake (R), 1andDone (R), Soft Pretzel, Fire Hazard, Tuck, Cinnamon, Pvt Benjamin

Wild Turkey and the his little beast

First off, thanks to SiteQs, Dumpster Fire and Cheddar for the invite to Q the newly christened AO – The Big House. We’ve been chatting about a Pineville expansion for some time and it’s great to see it hatch. The team even provided me with a review of the site complete with map and AO goals. #bestpractice

We began with the “long lap” a 1/3 mile jaunt around the park/baseball fields and COP.

Side straddle hops (jumping jacks) in cadence (IC) x 20
Imperial Walkers (think AT-ST, not AT-AT #wookiepedia) x 15 IC
Merkins (this is a derivative of American push-up) x 15 IC
Mountain Climber x 20 IC
Low slow squat x 10 IC
Plank Jack x 20 IC

We finished the long lap and after re-orienting myself we found ourselves at the cones I placed earlier.

Beast (6 cones in a line, 6 of a called exercise at each cone, mosey back to start, wait for everyone to return, repeat 6 times)

Round 1 – Hand-release merkin
Round 2 – Bomb Squat
Round 3 – Carolina Dry Dock (Scorpion, if you’re a badass)
Round 4 – American Hammer (bear crawl to first 3 cones)
Round 5 – Freddy Mercury
Round 6 – Burpees

A variety of plank exercises were called while the vets waited on the newbies. Run back home. 

A few observations –
1.) It’s getting to that point in the year when bros tend to stay in toasty cars until the last possible second. Just be sure to warm-up and socialize a bit, too!
2.) I had a LOT more planned for today, wall work, a derkin/split squat/step-up ladder and catch-me-if-you can. A combination of an unfamiliar sites and lots of new fellas prevented that additional work. (If you feel ripped off, you could have run with Dumpster Fire at 0500.)
3.) It appears, we were just shy of the 2.0 mi AO site minimum. Argh! 
4.) Solid effort by seasoned vets Tuck & Fire Hazard. They were neck and neck for the lead all six rounds.
5.) Soft Pretzel may want to reconsider the poop avatar after dropping a deuce in the field. #Policecams #kidsplaythere
6.) Thanks to Snowflake who came from deep in Union County to support the new AO.
6.) Props to ALL the PAX for pushing through all six rounds. Tramp Stamp, White Collar, 1andDone, Cinnamon, Pvt Benjamin, Alice — KEEP COMING BACK. We like to say it doesn’t get any easier, you just get better!
7.) The AO is awesome. The place has a nice flat layout with benches, curbs, playground aequipment, baseballs fields, meadows, nature stuff, water slides, orange Fanta in the water fountain. (Ok, maybe not the last two, but it’s a great place.)

Joe Davis Run, 1/7/2017– F3 is involved because our brother, Rock Thrill, lost his brother to addiction and this race was founded in order to raise awareness about the effects of addiction.  Read all about it at the link. Also, if/when you sign up…make sure you sign up for the 10K.  You call can do it.

Operation Sweet Tooth – As most of you know F3 Olive’s daughter died suddenly about 6 months ago. He is from Isotope. Operation Sweet Tooth is a non-profit organization created to honor her memory by bringing joy to other kids. We are pushing a drive for donations of toys for Operation Sweet Tooth to benefit Alexander Youth Network. Specific details to follow regarding what to donate.

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7 years ago

Wild Turkey thanks for coming and pushing us. I think you did a lot! Also Alice said he got pushed hard today too. 45 min flies so fast when you are having fun!

7 years ago

Thanks for the shout out Wild Turkey, but Im A51, and usually only visit Union Co on weekends for Commitment and sometimes to see the Dromedary beasts.
Tramp Stamp should get the cred for most distance covered to post; he’s University area-
Great beatdown, no doubt.

Dumpster Fire
Dumpster Fire
7 years ago

Aye! T’was a beat down for the ages. Keep bringing it, WT. Methinks White Collar surprised himself with his will to push through.

Also, “One & Done” is a misnomer. Dude’s like “3 & Never Done.”

TClaps to the PAX for coming back for the 6…forever and always, that’s the cornerstone. Soft Pretzel and Tramp Stamp led the effort all the way.

Pvt. Benjamin is all in and it shows. Way to push it out there brother.

Keep posting Cinnamon & Alice. Strong effort for your maiden voyage.

Dumpster Fire
Dumpster Fire
Reply to  Dumpster Fire
7 years ago

Alice is no V.

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