Santa’s got a new bag… of Bricks and Blocks

  • When:11/21/26
  • QIC: Udder
  • The PAX: Rachel, Cold Cuts, One Eye, Agony, Egypt, Pele, Hannibal, Kirk, Pot Hole, Film Festival (R), Duct Work, Doogie, Aqua Fresh, Love Bug, Udder (Q)

Santa’s got a new bag… of Bricks and Blocks

In an effort to try and Q all A51 AO’s, and meet some new people, I thought I might have found the northern most point in the area. Alas, Charge, Joust and McHorseyMcStupidFace lead DMZ in that order. So it looks like I got 3 more to go for the north side. I have never Q’d DMZ though I have been many times and also led ye olde F3 GoRuck workout on Friday’s before it moved over to it’s own thing. Just be happy we didn’t go find the logs in the woods by the track. 😀 you’re welcome. Did I mention it was cold. 25 according to Wunderground.

Mosey through Carmel Park parking lot towards CCDS. 180 turn back down Carmel towards Colony Rd. Right on Colony and head into C@Clt via the back entrance. Grab a pair of bricks to get friendly with for the duration from YHC’s Ms 2.0 hauler.

SSH x 20
… “but what do i do with these bricks?” So began the MC
Arm Circles x 10 Forward and Backward
Rocky Balboas x 20
Arm Raises x 20
Low Slow Squat x 20

Mosey over to SF and partner up

The Thang
DORA 1,2,3
Grab one of the many coupons YHC has amassed in his time with the PAX. (Cinder Blocks 45lb and 60lb variety, Concrete chunks from my sidewalk, and some GoRuck gift wrapped bricks)
Partner 1 does exercise while partner 2 takes his bricks up the hill and back down. Backwards, just to make it a little more painful. Exercises were cumulative.
100 overhead block presses
200 flutter kicks while holding block over chest (don’t drop it on your face)
300 squats (some PAX did a weird modified deadlift 🙂

When you and partner are done. Mosey backwards with your bricks up and down the hill until all are finished. Winning has its privileges. Plank you for a few mins while YHC figures out what to do with the remaining time. Right Hand/Leg High, Left, 6 inches and a speedy 10 count from Hannibal. While planking I got a call from our dear friend, Jack Webb. Circle up and climb the ladder to 5/20 with bricks. 10 count from Duct Work and descend ladder starting at 5/20. Shoulders smoked we dropped all the gear off at the family cruiser and headed back to the start via our starting route.

3ish minutes of Mary
Dolly x 20
Freddie Mercury x 20
Heels 2 Heaven x 20
LBC x 20

Not so Naked Man Moleskin:
DMZ has a lot to offer. A solid location for a metro/a51 convergence for sure. Thanks to Bushwood for letting me bring some big ticket items to play with. Sad he was not there to partake in the festivities. Lot’s of strong work out there today. We were odd today which worked out well or not so well for me being the odd man out. Think I got all the Presses in, 3/4 of the Flutters and maybe 1/2 of the Squats. I was talking to myself at the end trying to figure out a total. Incidentally, math is hard for not only one but two heads at 5:45 am. Kirk mentioned something about not being the traditional type of DMZ workout. Glad I could get you guys out of your rut. Happy Thanksgiving to all! I hope you can lift your utensils after this mornings shoulder smoker.

One-Eye has assumed the Command at F3DMZ. Congrats!
A51 Xmas party 12/2/16 @ FireThorne Country Club. Always a good time. Hit up Mr Bean as the deadline was yesterday. He may have mercy on your soul and let you come hang with the cool kids.

Take out by Hannibal

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High Tide
7 years ago

Speaking of Santa’s bag, instead of bricks and blocks, how about a new Area 51 fleece pullover??

Area 51 Winter Gear Order!
Just in time for Christmas deliveries, we’re offering the Area 51 logo on Winter gear! From long sleeved shirts to fleece pullovers and hoodies, we’ve got you covered- literally. Ordering is open One Week Only, ending Monday, November 28, so don’t delay.

7 years ago

Wait, handed off site Q and he wasn’t even there to hand it off?

Reply to  Hairball
7 years ago

Blame it on my 2.0 who decided to get the stomach bug at 3am. It twas a fun night.

One Eye has my co-site Q for the last 6 months. He’s got this.

T-claps Udder, looks like a terrible one and am glad I didn’t post.

I have the Q next week.

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