The Elusive 4-Legged Starfish

  • When:11/19/16
  • QIC: Thin Mint
  • The PAX: Fire Hazard, Mic Check, Cheese Curd, Billygoat, Tiger Rag, JRR Tolkien, Cheddar (LIFO), Frehley's Comet (LIFO), Tagalong, Outback, Lex Luthor, Loogie, Nard Dog

The Elusive 4-Legged Starfish


  • Mosey down Conlan, take a right at the circle and right into the lot across from Duckworth’s
  • COP (IC) – SSH x10, IW x10, LSS x10, Merkin x10, Mtn Climber x10
  • Line up side by side at one side of the lot
    • 1 merkin, 4 bear crawl steps, 2 merkins, 4 bear crawl steps, 3 merkins… until center of lot 10 merkins and then sprint to other end. Turn around and plank.
    • 2 monkey humper, 4 walking lunges, 4 MH, 4 walking lunges, 6 MH… until center of lot and then sprint to other end. Turn around and plank.
    • Burpee broad jump to center of lot and then sprint to other end
    • Mary
  • Mosey up Ballantyne Medical across the street and up to Costigan Park
  • 4-legged starfish x2
    • 10 dips in the middle after each leg, legs are hand-release merkin x20, CDD x20, HR merkin x20, CDD x20
    • 10 jump ups in the middle each time, legs are jump squat x20, jump lunge x20, jump squat x20, jump lunge x20
    • Mary
  • Mosey to lower level of garage
    • Wall work
    • Partner up
      • P1 – 5 burpees, backwards run up ramp
      • P2 – Run up ramp, freddie mercury until P1 arrives
      • 5 Handslap merkins and flapjack — continue until the top
    • Plank work then down the stairs to the bottom, more wall work
    • Paula Abdul (2 steps forward, 1 step back)
      • Run up 2 ramps, 10 donkey kicks, run down 1 ramp, 5 burpees, up 2 ramps… until we reach the top run out of time
  • Return home the short way down Costigan Lane
  • COT and Tiger Rag with the take-out



Glad our LIFOs were able to find us in the expansive Stonehenge AO. Cheddar came in hot a couple minutes late and didn’t miss much of the good stuff. Frehley’s literally appeared out of nowhere. I’m still not sure when he arrived or where he came from, but I would just as soon not know.


YHC was prepared for some mumblechatter today (it is Stonehenge, after all), but when Tolkien is only the 4th loudest guy there, you know you are in trouble. Burpee broad jumps shut it down for a little while but only until we hit the starfish. So much dismay and confusion among grown men over a starfish with only 4 legs. Yes, they usually have 5 legs, or more, but we are F3 and we can adapt to the unexpected, right? After calls for changing the name and further confusion over whether the dips should be every time or EVERY time, the PAX finally realized the rest of us were exercising and got back on the ball. In spite of posting at Tuck’s Burpee/Merkin/Pull-up fest at The Brave yesterday, Frehley’s, Cheddar and Nard Dog summoned up the chest and shoulder power to make it through Round 1. T-claps.


To sum it up, everyone got work in, some more than others. The real losers today were all the poor people trying to sleep in the townhomes surrounding Costigan Park. On to the deck to let them get back to their dreams.


Had planned for less running. But, one can only take so much chatter so we got to spend a full 30-ish minutes in the deck. (Cobains to Fire Hazard’s hamstring). Burpees and deck sprints did the trick and finally quieted the PAX. Should have started there. First time meeting Billygoat today and although we gassed him towards the end of the ramps, he refused to quit and brought it home strong. Great meeting you, brother, and look forward to seeing you out more often.


TR was especially yappy today. YHC thinks he is still unsure of what to do with all the oxygen his lungs can process now that he has become a runner guy. Poor guy can’t help the constant release of hot air. Lungs came in handy on the deck work though — TR was out front pushing the PAX and making it look easy all the way until the end. Thanks for showing up and keeping YHC on his toes. Appreciate the solid takeout.


Loogie is coming back slowly but surely. YHC did inadvertently crack a smile in COP when I saw the broken-wing SSH, but the arm is getting up higher than the last time YHC saw you -#movinonup. Loogie was even spotted doing a few push-ups today – hope things continue to recover quickly, brother. Tagalong’s consistency is starting to pay off and he is moving closer to the front each time. He did admit to blatantly skipping accidentally missing reps in the starfish, but progress is progress. Nice work! Cheese Curd was kind enough to mention that this workout was way easier than he expected. Next time YHC Qs, if Cheese Curd is there, I would advise you to run the other way because I plan to make it up to him.


Between TR’s Q-jack attempts and forming the majority of the weinke on the fly, YHC was unable to catch much else today. Comment below and let me know what I missed. Best part of the day — almost everyone stayed for coffeeteria. Cheese Curd had to roll out but we picked up Mario for a solid 14 taking over Einstein. Great 2nd F and YHC had a great time Qing today. Thanks to everyone for coming out.





4-legged starfish do exist. Just because they are different doesn’t mean we should reject them. Just saying.

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JRR Tolkien
JRR Tolkien
7 years ago

Great work Thin Mint, always glad to have you Q at Stonehenge! Love Saturdays, great mix of fun and work. Appreciate you all coming to the workout and especially the coffeeteria.

POST ON SATURDAYS!!! and spread the word…

Cheese Curd
7 years ago

This was not easy, I just expected to be running a ton-long painful type runs! But you broke it up well. That said, running and burpees always suck, so effective. That also takes all the wind out of my sails to give the Q crap. That said, who can actually compete with all TR’s, “I do my own thing”!

Solid work and I think we picked up Cheddar for Smokey Mountain Relay…that makes 5!

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