VQ at Centurion

  • When:11/18/2016
  • QIC: Driver
  • The PAX: Ickey Shuffle, Paper Jam, RV, Checkpoint (Respect), Brilleaux, Chelms aka Tater Tot (Respect), Scabby (run in), Mermaid, Pulp Fiction, Busboy, Fire Marshall Bill, Driver (QIC), Bull, Carrier

VQ at Centurion


13 men arrived at Centurion, some by car, one on foot.  Driver counted down the minutes to his VQ.  Many of the regulars fartsacked, presumably due to late night football watching.  Off we went.

Modified Centurion Mile

Right out of launch lot up Little, Right on Carmel, Left on 51 to crosswalk at McD’s.  Cross 51 and continue to Amelie’s.  Circle up.


SSH x 21 IC

IW x 20 IC

Low Slow Squat x 20

Any other exercises are eluding me

Descendent Shopping Repeats

Start at Amelie’s.  10 x called exercise.  Run to next island.  9 x called exercise.  Run to next island.  8 x called exercise.  Continue to 1 x called exercise.  Mosey back to Amelie’s.  4 Rounds.

  1. Burpees
  2. LBC
  3. Squat
  4. Merkins

After completion of merkins at round 4, mosey through parking lot and across 51 to CCHS campus.  Stop at picnic tables in front of school.

30 Dips/30 Jump Up or Step Up

Mosey through campus to Tartarus (parking deck).  Partner up.

Partner Relays

Partner 1 sprints halfway up full deck (110 yards).  Transition at 55 yards to backwards run for second half.  Sprint back to partner.

While P1 runs, P2 completes exercise called by P1.  4 rounds.

AYG from Tartarus to lower lot at north end of football field.  20 Merkin IC.

Mosey back to launch lot.  PAX-called exercises to finish.  10 Burpee OYO.  10 x Heels to Heaven IC.  10 Toe Touch Sit Ups IC.



From Mermaid, not Driver

The Virgin-Q is something to be celebrated.  You don’t forget your VQ.  Mine was split with Tiger Rag at Day Zero.  I was inside of 10 F3 posts and, admittedly, not in great shape, nor ready to Q.  The job got done and I learned from it.

This was not the case this morning.  Driver was ready for his VQ, physically and mentally.  He planned a solid beatdown and executed very well.  Cadence count was strong and steady.  Sets and exercise directives were clear and concise.  Chelms had little chance to leave early.  Excellent job today Driver.  T-claps for your willingness to step up and lead a workout.  I look forward to your next one.

Driver brought his brother, RV with him.  When I introduced myself, RV said, “I’m Driver.”  Wow, that’s a little confusing, given that Driver was standing right next to me.  The real Driver corrected him and helped him remember his name is RV.  Definitely grounds for additional posts for RV.  Glad he posted to support his brother.  Better for it.  As we ran to Tartarus from the tables out front of CCHS, a lone runner was moving the opposite direction.  Driver said hello and called the young man by his name.  Chelms and others encouraged the runner to join us.  He kept at his sad clown workout, but did circle back later to ask for details on when the workout starts each Friday.  Certainly Driver will put the EH on his friend.  That’s what we do.

Carrier joined us briefly for the run and COP.  He wanted to support Driver’s VQ and collect money for turkeys.  The collection was news to me after the workout.  Gotta spread the word before the workout to solicit donations.  I am blaming Chelms.  T-claps to Carrier for supporting Driver’s VQ and then going to another workout to continue turkey collections.  #IMPACT

Notable performances: Checkpoint is a machine.  Chelms form was impeccable.  Brilleaux always attacks the workouts and pushes the pace.  Turkish Get Ups should be banned.  Icky Shuffle excelled during rounds 3 and 4 of the Descendent Repeats, as well as, AYG sprint from Tartarus to lower lot.  Chelms called him out for sandbagging.

Great morning at Centurion.  You men who chose football and the fartsack over this workout missed out.  Big time.


South Charlotte Christmas Party.  Sign up ends 11/25.  Sign up HERE.  Excellent opportunity for Fellowship.

Operation Sweet Tooth.  Collecting toys and items of need for Alexander Youth Network.  See preblast HERE

Joe Davis Run for Recovery.  01/07/2017.  Proceed to Keystone Substance Abuse Services in Rock Hill, SC.  Register HERE

Chelms is organizing groups of F3 men to take middle school boys from Grier Heights on local excursions to them learn about purpose, respect, and teamwork.  Read about it HERE

A51 Turkey Day Flag Football.  Need details on this.  Have not seen a preblast.

Metro Thanksgiving Day convergence at AG Middle.  You can bring turkeys the day of, I believe. Contact Carrier for more information.  Mention of Triple-Down option in Metro.

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Chelms aka Tatertot
7 years ago

Agree on a great VQ for Driver. I’ afraid of what he may do once he gets a little experience. Can already see he is getting stronger and faster than a few months ago when he started.

Best part was running the circuits back in forth in front of Planet Fitness. We were getting lots of stairs. I think Driver got booted out of PF and he wanted to rub it in their face.

I started early on the modified Centurion mile and the deck sprints. Have yet to meet a Q that can stop me from cheating.

Appreciate the acknowledgement of my form. I have been working really hard on it.

I see you didn’t give Carrier respect (he was WD). I guess you have to stay more than 15 minutes to earn that no matter how old you are. Duly noted.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Mermaid
7 years ago

I thought everyone knew Carrier was as old as the Yorktown (WWII aircraft carrier for all you young guys). Pretty safe when the woman is nine months pregnant.

Ickey Shuffle
7 years ago

I’ve never been accused of sandbagging when it comes to running before. I don’t know whether to be offended or flattered. I wish sandbagging were the case, but I’m just a slow runner and it takes the first 10 minutes for my shins and Achilles’ tendons to stop hurting. Besides, the fastest man in the world is the 100 meter champion. Nobody knows or cares who wins the marathon.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Ickey Shuffle
7 years ago

Always be flattered – it’s healthier. You are right – I know Usain Bolt won gold and Michael Johnson maybe won gold but can’t name a single marathon winner. Well – Material Girl won the Charlotte Marathon one year but that’s all I got.

7 years ago

I bet Haze was at PF.

7 years ago

I also am afraid to think what Driver will do at his next Q. After the Centurion mile and shopping for pain with burpees, I was sort of happy I had to bolt. Next year we will canvass all of F3 Charlotte for turkeys for CRM and go for a 1000 versus just the 500 we got this year with F3 Metro. This Friday is going to suck!! In case A51 didn’t know it, I guaranteed a burpee the day after Thanksgiving for every turkey donated this year. Next year my challenge might have be something other than burpees. Just saying. Although, Driver had us do 55 burpees, so how bad can ~9x that be – at least I don’t have to run between the islands.

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