No more safe zones…

  • When:11/18/16
  • QIC: Orange Whip
  • The PAX: Tiger Rag, Fletch, Gaffer, Alf, Fault Line, Rhapsody, Harley, Witch Doctor, Cotton Tail, Matlock (R), Orange Whip (QIC)

No more safe zones…

Yip. 10 guys and one really late dude (Matlock) came out to run in the dark. Fairly small group for Kevlar but the regulars never disappoint.

Warmup – Run, circle up, you know…

Run to back of new building doing merkins and squat jumps at each light post along the way….

Partner Up

Partner 1 – lunge walks around loop

Partner 2 – runs around loop and catches partner 1 and flapjack

Run to front of church stopping at each street light and doing merkins (10), then jack knives (or v-ups 10). There were a lot of street lights…

Suicides from front of church

3 burpees at the church, 10 merkins at 1st median, back to church, 3 burpees, 10 merkins at 2nd median, all the way until we got to the top of the hill.

Run over to back of new building – nice wall there which I believe we may have christened this morning, especially after Alf’s perfect “balls to the wall” form on his thigh slappers, and he also has that  especially loud “thigh slap sound” that most men covet so much.

Legs up on wall – Thigh Slappers (5) run to wall (20 LBCs), back to wall Thigh Slappers (10) run to wall (20 LBCs), 15 thigh slappers then 20 LBCs again.

Run to benches –

Parter 1 runs loop, Parter 2 does dips on bench – flapjack

Round 2: Parter 1 runs loop, Partner 2 does calf raises – flap jack

Relay Race: Split into 3 teams of 4(ish) and line up for a relay race

One guy runs and the others do SSH, 2nd guy runs…etc. –  you’ve seen a relay race before right?

We did this twice…

Run to field and circle up

As we gathered closely Alf suggested we were doing Eternal Flame…I can’t tell you how much I hate everything about that so naw…

Each guy takes turns announcing an exercise and runs a lap while the group performs it. Burpees, LBCs, Burpees, Tuck Jumps, Flutter, Nippers and since I couldn’t get the word Nipplers out of my head I can’t really remember the next 6 exercises….this took us to about 6:17 so we got some extra credit.


I tried to use the entire campus today…I’ve learned that if you keep the PAX moving then Tiger Rag gets distracted and doesn’t talk as much smack to the Q. Thankfully he also helped gather the guys who fell behind a bit – I couldn’t see anyone in the gloom this morning. I was impressed that all participated in the thigh slappers and did them so well (see Alf above) since I gave them a modification – nice work. Seeing the PAX inverted on a wall is not the prettiest site first thing in the morning but it will wake you right up….

Matlock showed up a good 8 minutes late…that’s all.

Witch Doctor turned 45 today. If i’m that fast at 45 I’ll be very happy. Fortunately for me that’s 11 years away – BOOM! #millenial  Making smart a$$ statements like that typically result in a torn ligament so I rescind that comment. You old guys are pretty cool actually.

We missed the site Qs this morning but thanks for letting me lead….HH has a broken limb and his jockey won’t let him run and Bulldog is saving his energy for soccer tomorrow.


F3 Toy Drive – Bring your toys in 2 weeks and give them to Alf

Convergence next week, allegedly, with Joust

F3 Soccer tomorrow at 11am at Matthews Sportsplex

Christmas Party – last day to sign up is TODAY

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7 years ago

Great Q Whip! Definitely used a ton of the CDS campus this morning and kept it moving in high tempo. Solid crew this morning!

High Tide
7 years ago

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