Two Sided Weinke

  • When:11/15/16
  • QIC: Arena
  • The PAX: High Tide, Fletch, Dollywood, Yeti, Tackling Dummy, Harley, Side Car, Swiss Miss, Hoover, Retread, Freedom, Chin Music, Lex Luther, Tweetsy, Louise, Soprano, Witch Doctor, Gaffer, Header, Bulldog, Orange Whip, Blackhawk, Lazy Boy, Cotton Mouth, Stone Cold, Baracus

Two Sided Weinke

Posted on behalf of Arena

Started things off with a little warm up:
Imperial walkers

Headed down to the main parking lot for the main event.
Groups of three rotated through two stations. Partner one at station one, partner two at station two, and partner three running between stations as the timer. Once a partner three got to station two, partner two took off running to station one and partner three stayed at station two to do the exercise. Continued rotating through stations for the remainder of the time.
Each station had a list of five exercises to work doing one exercise each stop at each station. Once the list was completed then rinse and repeat.
Station 1:
1. Snatch
2. Clean and press
3. Two-handed swing
4. Alternating swing
5. Two-handed curls
Station 2:
1. Squats
2. Lunges
3. Good mornings
4. Lunges with a pass through
5. Squat and press

Mosey back to lot

It didn’t take long for gents to start losing layers. Except for Cotton mouth who showed up in khakis and a turtle neck. I found out later he had bible study immediately following and he didn’t have time to go home and change. Things started off swell but after completing a rotation the questions of “are we done yet” started flying! For some reason the Pax were fine with doing the rotation of exercises once. But there was time so we pushed through . . . . most of us. By the end Lex was on his back “doing” LBCs but we all knew his was just slacking and getting a good back scratch in. All in all, we got a good sweat in on a muggy Tuesday morning.

1.Joe Davis – signup
2.Christmas Party – signup by Friday! (11/18)

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