Veterans Day at the Goat — No Locksmiths Needed

  • When:11/11/16
  • QIC: Slim Fast
  • The PAX: Turkey Leg, Nomad, The Mouth, Man Bun, Early Bird, Benny, Lois, Tweetsie, Insomniac, The Mouth, Slim Fast

Veterans Day at the Goat — No Locksmiths Needed

Thank you to all who have served in our great military!  Nomad is a Veteran… and just know how much we appreciate your sacrifices to keep us free!

11 Goats  gathered in the crisp November morning to continue their never-ending journey to become faster and better!

Having disclaimed, we headed to the track for the following:
1.  Warm-up .5 miles/dynamic stretching
2.  5:00 at I-Pace/4:00 Recovery… x2
3.  4:00 at I-Pace/3:00 Recovery… x2
4.  3:00 at I-Pace/2:00 Recovery… x2

Final cool-down lap… mosey back to parking lot… DONE!

5.5-6.25 miles covered depending on pace.   EXCELLENT JOB!!


As I left the parking lot, it appeared that everyone had successfully managed to keep their keys from being locked in their vehicles.  Tramp Stamp had the honor 2-weeks ago, and Dumpster Fire didn’t want TS to feel alone… but we successfully ended that streak today!   Now, we need to get DF and TS back out!

As always, everyone really did excellent today!

Nice to have Turkey Leg join us for his quarterly visit!  As expected… always leading the pack! Continued best for him training for Kiawah!

The Mouth tried to join late, but we shocked him and waited!  Maybe next time…

Booyah just MAF’d… is that a verb, and can I say that here???

Man Bun, Early Bird and Benny continue to be strong!  They let their breathing do the talking!

Nomad… t-claps for the warm-up jog, and then triple t-claps for your service to our country!  Happy Veterans Day!

Great to have Insomniac back 2nd week in a row!

Lois and Tweetsie both bringing it strong!  Tweetsie commented on his hands being cold…  This is the first Winter for Tweetsie and Lois.  Here are 2 things to remember:
1.  Slim Fast will NEVER be cold… They can mock all they want… but that is just jealousy!  Staying toasty is my specialty!
2.  Strange Brew is NOT an example of how to dress warmly!  He is used to skinny dipping in the Arctic… so get THAT visual out of your head… and wear warmer clothes than the Brew!

1.  Joe Davis Run on Jan 7.  Slim Fast will donate $5 for every Mountain Goat that signs-up, including family members and friends… this is your chance to make Slim Fast poor!
2.  Christmas Party Dec 2.  Sign-ups on

Insomniac took us out in prayer… thanks Bro!

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7 years ago

“This is the first winter for Tweetsie and Lois.”
1. Yes, legit concern. My lungs were just loving that influx of frigid air.
2. That is some great Game of Thrones style phrasing — WINTER IS COMING.

Also, can’t remember who was really admiring Slim Fast’s tights, but, that was the highlight of the COT.

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