Five reps… should be easy enough (WRONG)

  • When:11/10/16
  • QIC: Fletch
  • The PAX: bulldog, header, chin music, freedom, madison, hoover, blazing saddles, costanza, floatie, witchdoctor, fletch QIC)

Five reps… should be easy enough (WRONG)

Haven’t posted at Meathead in a while (running got in the way a little bit) and I have missed it dearly. Great site and regulars out there week in an week out getting stronger. Being a 0.0 site gives plenty of time for quality and quantity bell work. We would focus on quality and quantity this morning with a 5x5x5 routine designed to kick up the heart rate and keep it elevated for maximum impact! Here is how things went down when the clock struck GO TIME.
Warmup consisted of
Ssh x20IC
20 alternating swings OYO
Merkins x20IC
20 overhead presses OYO
IW x20IC

Warmup over – tunes commence for the main event as follows:
5x5x5 (5 reps of 5 exercise for 5 rounds)
5 swings EACH ARM
5 cleans EACH ARM
5 snatch EACH ARM
5 high pull EACH ARM
5 shoulder press EACH ARM
25 merkins between Each Round
Cycle back through these five exercise including the merkins 5 times
Grab the tailgate and LBC’s to allow all to finish.

5 good mornings
5 two handed swings
5 goblet squats
5 thrusters
5 reverse lunge Each Leg
25 jump squats between rounds (modified to 15 jump squats for rounds 2-5)

Find a partner with a similar Bell
5 reps x 5 rounds of dubs (three exercises all we had time for)
Double Swing
Double Clean
Double Rack Squat


Christmas Party – December 2nd – sign-up
Joe Davis Run – January 7th – sign-up
Be on the lookout for a TurkeyDay Football game

The guys at Meathead never cease to amaze. Tried to put a smoker together this morning and the pax handled it without any complaints. Lots of reps today and all of the meat and potatoes kb moves were employed. Should be feeling the reverse lunges and double squats right about now. First morning cool enough for a hat today, but it warmed up quickly over the course of the 5x5x5 kb circuits. I was gassed for a good portion of today’s workout, so if I missed anything comment worthy – please post up. If you haven’t been to Meathead – I highly recommend it. Great for runners too!

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7 years ago

Great workout Fletch! Enjoyed seeing the sparks flying from Blazing Saddles’ polyester pants

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