Deadlift’s VQ at The Rock

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Deadlift’s VQ at The Rock

Posted on behalf of Deadlift:

Run to front of Church
Side straddle hop
Mountain Climber
Southern Gentleman / Northern Aggressor

Run to Davie Park Playground
Decent run so stop in the middle for group exercise (LBCs)

At the Playground
3 – Sets:
10X Pull Ups
15x Decline Merkins (feet up)
20x Dips
25x Jump Ups

Over to the Wall:
People’s Chair
Chair with arms up
Left leg up, right leg up

Count off in twos
Over to the rock quarry for a lifting rock:
One person runs the length of the soccer field and back while the other person with their rock (little joke, acronym spells out the group just got SCREWED  lol)

Squat to overhead press
Crossover pushups
EZ Tricep Extensions
EZ Curls
Deadlift – I had to add this in

Run back to church, stopping for a plank on the way.


Moleskine (by Gummy)
Great VQ by Deadlift. Solid workout design – good mix of upper body and running. 3.1 miles total, with a bunch of sprints mixed in. There was the little matter of Deadlift forgetting to say the Cadence on the SSH, but he got that straightened out quickly and he was a pro from their on.

Fine performance by my son, Taffy. At 14 he was leading the pack on the sprints against a bunch of old men. I don’t know what the official rules are, but I’m not listing him as a 2.0 anymore. He’s on his own.

Great group this morning. The South African contingent is strong and growing.

Contact Spackler to sign up for Thanksgiving morning football

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