Seven Habits of Highly Effective SOBs

  • When:11/20/15
  • QIC: Tuck
  • The PAX: Pop Tart, Red Rocks, Wing_/|_Man, Mr. Bean, Soft Pretzel, Cable Guy, One Niner, Fire Hazard, Pebbles, Frehleys Comet (Respect), Van Pelt (Respect), Mic Check, Tuck (Q)

Seven Habits of Highly Effective SOBs

13 SOB’s took a 6 mile tour of Olde Decklenburg and against all odds scaled all 7 Ballantyne parking decks (ramps up, stairs down), stopping at each parking deck level and every fountain wall along the way for 7 exercise reps.  Chelms said it couldn’t be done, but the men of Ballantyne proved otherwise.  Ok maybe he didn’t say it, but he was definitely thinking it.  At the risk of giving other AO’s deck envy, here we go…

The Thang

Huddle up in the Vine parking lot to lay down the challenge and provide sufficient motivation.

COP: nope.

Mosey to Premier deck, cutting through Ballantyne Hotel parking lot.  Stop at fountain for step-ups.

Deck 1 (Premier):

  • merkins
  • dolly
  • burpees
  • CDD
  • climb over 2 walls on top level

Stop at putting green for squats with chair presses overhead.

Deck 2 (Harris):

  • plank jacks
  • russian twist
  • donkey kicks
  • IW
  • climb over wall on top level

Mosey to decks on N. Community House using trail that runs parallel to Ballantyne Commons Pkwy.  Stop at picnic tables along the way for dips.

Deck 3 (Northernmost on N. Community House):

  • werkins
  • heels to heaven
  • jump squats
  • climb over wall on top level

Deck 4 (just South of previous deck):

  • j-low
  • rosalita
  • side straddle hop
  • climb over wall on top level

Deck 5 (MetLife):

  • balls to the wall presses
  • diamond merkins
  • flutter
  • squat
  • climb over wall on top level

Stop at circle between MetLife and Woodward buildings for squats with chair presses overhead.

Deck 6 (Woodward):

  • mountain climbers
  • freddie mercury
  • wall runners
  • squat
  • climb over wall on top level

Mosey to Ballantyne Village, stopping at fountain near Bad Daddy’s for derkins.

Deck 7 (Ballantyne Village):

  • Makhtar N’ Diayes
  • LBC
  • stagger left merkins
  • stagger right merkins

Hustle back for 6:15 arrival back at The Vine.


The challenge of completing the mission as a team was a lot of fun.  Thanks to Mr. Bean for pushing the pace and encouraging everyone along the way.  It was great to see Mic Check out there.  We rolled out the concrete carpet for him.  Thanks to Fire Hazard from rescuing YHC from a wrong turn in the Ballantyne Hotel parking lot.  And a special thanks to Pebbles for crop dusting and providing an unplanned obstacle for the PAX to overcome.  6 miles, 7 decks, 13 PAX.  6+7=13.  #mathisfun


Kids with possAbilities This Saturday from 2:-30-5:30 @ OMB Brewery.  Charity to raise funding for therapy & scholarships for children w/ developmental delays.  Bring your $, dogs & 2.0’s.

Thanksgiving Day Turkeybowl has been moved to Matthews Sportsplex @ 7:30am.

Area51 going to Knoxville, TN to help lead expansion.  12/5/15.

Gladiator Games.  12/12/15. (Preblast)

4th annual Area 51 Christmas party.  12/12/15 (RSVP by 12/4 – Preblast)

16k Baxter Village Trail Run.  $30.  1/1/16. (See Pebbles for details)

Register for Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run.  1/9/16.

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Fire Hazard
8 years ago

Great lead today. Well planned and we’ll executed.

Fire Hazard
8 years ago

Or well executed.

Chelms aka Tatertot
8 years ago

I figured SOB’s might not finish. Men of Centurion would have knocked it out in about 42 minutes. Your Q last week was way harder.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Tuck
8 years ago

MT will not be happy that you agreed with me. He always wants the toughest workouts.

Madame Tussauds
Reply to  Chelms aka Tatertot
8 years ago

Chelms- you just keep those girly merkins over at Centurion. Real men are the Bravest!

Fire Hazard
8 years ago

I am sure Tuck was just making you feel good. This one was definitely harder.

Fire Hazard
8 years ago

It’s like making tuck choose between his babies.

Reply to  Fire Hazard
8 years ago

That’s like 7 more workouts.

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