Mountain Goats Running 400’s

  • When:11/20/15
  • QIC: Slim Fast
  • The PAX: Voodoo, Icicle, Tiger Rag, Turkey Leg, Bratwurst, Joker, Frasier, The Mouth, Huggy Bear, Freedom, Sesnei, Beaker, Nuke, Slim Fast Also Ruck sightings of Geraldo and Zombie.

Mountain Goats Running 400’s

14 PAX tackled Mountain Goat despite the cooling temperatures.  The workout was simple, but generated a great deal of O2 depletion.  Having disclaimed, we did the following:

The Thang1.  Warm-up jog down Strawberry Ln and back to track; stretch on track
2.  Using R-Pace (just slightly slower than your Mile pace, and faster than I-Pace), run 400m, then recover 400m.  Do that for 8 R-Pace 400m.
3.  Finished with some stretching.

5-6 miles covered, although the frontrunners might have covered a bit further.

I say it every week… but you guys are awesome!  Everyone keeps getting stronger and stronger!  I know you guys are running further and faster every time you come out!

Thanks to Bratwurst for the clarity on the program today.  I wanted us to do 400’s with 400 recovery as a bit of a change to 200-400-600-800… Bratwurst clarified that if you are going to include the 400m recovery, you should target your R (Repetition) -Pace vs. your I (Interval)-Pace.

Grab this link and store it in your bookmarks, especially your mobile devices.

Enter your time for a specific distance, like timed mile, 5K, 10K, etc… then use the “Training” tab to see what a target Repetition and/or Interval pace would be.

Special t-claps to Freedom who took an extra lap to make sure he hit the 5mi distance!

We never saw our Ruck colleagues Geraldo and Zombie emerge from the gloom… hopefully they are ok!

1.  Mountain Goat will converge with Jevlar on Friday 11/27.  Watch weekly email for time and location.
2.  Frasier is looking for an ultimate Frisbee player for tomorrow/Saturday at Charlotte Christian.  Contact him if interested.
3.  If you are wanting to help with Alexander Youth Network, especially during the Holidays, talk to Joker.  His email is:  Heath, Shawn D <>4.  Sign-ups still available for Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving Day… see weekly email/pre-blast.
5.  Christmas Party Saturday 12/12.  See weekly email/pre-blast for sign-ups.
6.  Joe Davis Run on Jan 9, 2016.  Sign-up today!

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8 years ago

Running calculator also available via app. Here is the iOS link. Also a Google Play version.

VDOT Running Calculator by The Run SMART Project, LLC

8 years ago

I know turkey leg was flying. He came up behind me and shot right by.

Had two LIFOs. Where did you go.

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