Cowgirls and Nipplers

  • When:11/20/2015
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: Lots of lads

Cowgirls and Nipplers

Strong turnout today at with 30 plus in attendance for the final pre Thanksgiving installment of Jevlar.


10 burgess (15 if wearing tights)
Run to blue door.
Warm up with a bunch of merkins

Split into 4 groups

1) sprint up hill (timer)
2) dips and incline merkins on back of
3) flutter kicks in cadence
4) circle merkins 1/2/3

On field suicides
10 burpees at 10 yard line
20 merkins at 20 yard line
30 squats at 30 yard line
40 nipplers at 40 yard line
50 Freddie Mercury’s at 50 yard line
Final one go whole field

AYG to rock

2 mins of Mary


Good work today by all. Solid mixture of new guys and old chestnuts today at Charlotte Christian. Dollywood was lamenting on his decision to go with tights after he received extra burpees for the pleasure. We hit the blue door early as YHC was looking for a dry spot for the warm up. The warm up was riddled with giggles after Busch mentioned the new Christmas snack named “My Buddy’s Nuts”. I’m sure you will see a few bags at the F3 Party in a few weeks!
The suicides on the football field were a little tougher than they looked on paper. Lots of refuseniks when it came to the Turkish get ups (stolen from a High Tide workout) however the nipplers were much more of a hit.
Classic FNG naming today as our new friend TJ a native Charlottean gave a little too much information during his 20 second blurb. He could have left it as being a Charlotte Christian grad but when he mentioned the fact that he liked to ride things in a sideways fashion we were left with two options: Side Saddle or Cowgirl? Unanimous. Welcome Cowgirl!

Announcements: convergence next Friday 7-8 am at Mountaingoat. No Jevlar

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