Return of the Site Q

  • When:11/18/15
  • QIC: Baracus
  • The PAX: Ickey Shuffle, Utah, Lorax, Scabby, Hops, Deep Dish, Iron Horse (Respect), Van Pelt (Respect), Bananas, Young Love, O'Tannenbaum, Mermaid, Cane, Baracus

Return of the Site Q

YHC returned to Anvil on this warm fall morning to reminisce and visit with some old friends.  Oh…and we worked out a little too.  Here’s what we did…


Traveling COP

  • Jog to entrance 1 at Hwy 51
  • SSH x 15
  • Jog to intersection of Hwy 51 and Rea
  • IW x 15
  • Jog to the bottom of entrance 4 on Rea
  • Bear crawl to the top of entrance 4


  • Run to the bottom of entrance 4
  • 7 burpees
  • Run to the top of entrance 4
  • 1 squat
  • Repeat (6 burpees, 2 squats…0 burpees, 7 squats)
  • Bear crawl to the top of entrance 4

Mosey to the bottom of North Face

  • Backwards bear crawl up North Face as far as you can
  • LBCs at the top until six arrives
  • Jog back around to the bottom of North Face
  • Sprint to the top and LBCs until six arrives

Mosey around front of church to the courtyard

Plank walk halfway around the wall to the top and bear crawl down the hill.

Jack Webb

  • 1 Merkin / 4 air press
  • 2 Merkin / 8 air press
  • 10 Merkin / 40 air press

Peoples chair w/ 40 air presses

Mosey back to COT

Pax-led MOM

  • YHC – Flutter
  • Deep Dish – Bicycle
  • Scabby – Heels to Heaven
  • Hops – Mahktar Ndjaie
  • Bananas – Freddie Mercur


Thanks to Mermaid and Young Love for welcoming me back to Anvil.  It was great to be out at Calvary two weeks in a row following last week’s Veterans Day convergence.  Good to see some of the pax that I don’t see as often these days.

Pax was a little confused today as they initially thought they were at #F3FastTwitch.  We finished with about 2.5 miles under our belt, but I’m sure everyone’s shoulders are telling them this was not purely a running workout.

Northface was brutal as always.  A few looks of disbelief today as the backwards bearcrawl was called.  Some modification was required by most, but strong work nonetheless.

Shoulders were obviously a main target area today, although I can’t say that’s how I planned it.  The plank walks followed by the Jack Webb challenged all.  Hops request to keep the count slow on the air presses ensured we all received maximum value from the effort.

We ended with some Mary led by committee. Scabby tried to hog all of the time by doing 100 HTH, Hops brought a crowd favorite on the asphalt, and Bananas either has a short memory or just loves doing Freddie Mercury.

Congrats to Ickey Shuffle (among other A51 pax that participated in the Spartan Beast over the weekend).  Great accomplishment!  Glad you chose to endure a workout despite the sore muscles.

Thanks to Iron Horse for taking us out with a strong prayer.


  • See Mallcop as Mr. April on Facebook
  • Area 51 Christmas Party – Sardis Swim & Raquet – Dec. 12 – Preblast
  • Joe Davis Run – Jan.9th,
  • 2nd F3 Area 51 Turkey Bowl – Thanksgiving Day – Matthews Sportsplex – Contact Brown or Spackler

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8 years ago

Thanks for the return to Anvil Q BA. Took my son to breakfast and my arm was shaking as I forked pancakes home. First for that. Well done.

Strong crew as usual. Drop in visit from Bananas. Great to see you as I don’t get down your way much. Enjoyed hearing more about mission trip from VP and IH–great work there. T claps to YL for increasing awareness of Mall Cop’s charitable endeavor. Glad to see YL off IR

8 years ago

Hate to have missed. Backwards Bear Crawl up North Face. Didn’t think that was possible. Nice!

8 years ago

YL and I are in talks around banning backwards bear crawl on NF

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