Can’t see the line, can you Russ?

  • When:11/18/2015
  • QIC: Gummy
  • The PAX: Hairball, Dollywood, Peacock, Daisy, Lazy Boy, Goonie, Stage Coach, Headhunter, Semi Gloss, Huggie Bear, Coal Miner's Daughter (Respect), Fireman Ed, Big Tuna, Nature Boy (FNG-Matthew J.), Stone Cold, Skywalker, Joker, Floor Slapper, Header, Sensei, Freedom, Madison, Prohibition, Marge, Turkey Leg, Bounce, Spackler, Witch Doctor, Smokey, Triple 7, Gummy (QIC)

Can’t see the line, can you Russ?

31 men (and Semi Gloss) gathered in a middle school parking lot at 5:30 am. Here’s why:

The darkness of DV scares me, especially with a crowd that big. So off we went. Light jog to the daycare parking lot, then SSH, IW, Slow Squats, IW Mountain Climbers (slight Q fail.) Resume jog to the entrance to Davie Park. Gather the PAX and head down for the main event. Skywalker chose the right side of the park first. So…

Gather at the gate. Run to the end of the driveway, stopping for 10 hand release merkins at each light. Regroup and slight recovery at the end, then back to the gate with 10 jump squats at each light.

From the gate again, AYG to the second light, run backwards to the gate.

Over to the playground. Partner up. Partner 1 runs the short track while partner 2 does the exercise. Flapjack. Repeat. We did this with jump squats, CDDs, LBCs, I think. Mosey to park entrance. Quick Mary recovery, then AYG to the stop light at the daycare center (half mile). Slow mosey back to the cars where we did a little more Mary waiting for the Six (overtime).

3.2 miles – nice work gentleman. Overreacting to my last Q where I did not prepare well ahead of time, this workout was the third version of the weinke that I prepared. So yay me. Still flexible enough to let Skywalker choose if we did the workout on the right or left side of the park first. Also, I noticed during the AYG between the streetlights that Skywalker was ahead of me – I felt bad about myself, since he’s old, but thought surely I’d best him on the AYG at the end. He passed me with about 100 yards to go – apparently I motivated him, so I got that going for me. And I almost (but didn’t) throw up after that part – I was chasing Smokey and couldn’t pass him. Half mile is just long enough to make you question everything about AYG. Good times.

Semi Gloss led most of the laps around the short track. He may have been starting before his partner got back. Smokey did not like it.

Thanks to Skywalker for bringing in the six. I was angry with him for making me almost throwup, so I asked him to go back. Sucker.

Hairball wins the boy scout award for most prepared. Two layers, long sleeves, gloves and a pager. Apparently he was on call if someone had a medical billing emergency at 5:30 am.

Contact Spackler about the Turkey Bowl. Site moved to Matthews Sportsplex.
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8 years ago

Can one of you old guys show me how this thing works? I like to wear it clipped to my waistband #fashion and it beeps every once in a while. Haven’t been able to figure out how to send a tweet from it yet.

8 years ago

Yes, you did motivate the old man Gummy. I havent run that fast in years.
Still relishing in the moment of passing you at the end…..

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