Strong arms, fast feet

  • When:11/16/15
  • QIC: Dasher
  • The PAX: Frack, McStuffin, Short Circuit, Dasher

Strong arms, fast feet


SSH x 25

Merkin x 15

MTC x 25

LBC x 25

Imperial Walker x 25


The Thang

Mosey to the rock pile for group partner work

Round 1

Partner 1 run with rock

Partner 2 does 10 Merkins then catches P1 then switch.

Round 2

Partner 1 run with rock

Partner 2 does 10 CDD then catches P1 then switch.

Need to modify due to the size of the parking lot.

P1 curls

P2 200 meter run

P1 Shoulder press

P2 200 meter run

LBC X 20

Russian Twist X 20

P1 Triceps’ Extension

P2 200 meter run

P1 Merkin

P2 200 Meter run


Heals to heaven


P2 200-Meter Run


Move to the stairs


P2 Stair run

P1 Merkins

P2 Stair Run

P1 Curls

P2 Stair Run

P1 Shoulder Press

P2 Stair Run

P1 Triceps’ Extension

P2 Stair Run


Take the rocks back to the pile then jailbreak back to the parking lot

LBC x 20

Heals to Heaven x 20

The pax worked really hard this morning.  Short Circuit has been going to F3 three days a week and he is starting to show great gains.  He is even co-leading a group on Saturday.  McStuffin’s was a beast this morning with the rock.  He sprinted with a rock like nobody’s business.  Frack is the rock of the group.  Always pushing the group.  I am pretty sure he could have lifted the boulder in front of the school.

Flash is moving to Cuthbertson Middle school on 11/30

Thank you Short Circuit for taking us out this morning.

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