No Free Socks, Just warm Toilets

  • When:11/17/15
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: WorldWideLeader, Menthol, Fire Hazard, Cable Guy, Frasier, Longhaul, Chipotle, Haggis, Abacus, OneNiner, Ringer, Bratwurst, Gumbo, Outback

No Free Socks, Just warm Toilets

Unfortunately, the 14 PAX that showed up to Swift on Tuesday discovered that you don’t get free socks or body glide for attending the workout.  However, Ballantyne has a wide selection of fresh bathrooms that are open at 0500.  For those PAX that didn’t get to feel the warm soft tissue on their backsides this morning, here’s what the rest did:


  • 0500 – Early crew of about 7 found some miles in the Corporate Park.  After Bratwurst made a pitstop out of the gate, the rest of the crew ran off to avoid the potty talk.
  • 0515 – The rest of the crew joined in the Vine parking lot and set off following the cone-carrying Bratwurst.  The small orange cones usually mean measured intervals that are not run on the Bull Ring, so if the PAX didn’t read the Preblast, then they didn’t know what they were in for.
  • 0525 – After some 2nd F running for a bit and finding out that Outback didn’t get dinged up from the Spartan Race because he collapsed at the line of the Thunder Road Half Marathon, we stopped on the Hwy 521 bridge near SPX for some dynamic exercises comprised of looking like penguins, giraffes, soldiers, cameljocks, and dancing nancies.
  • 0530 – Kickoff of the main event.  All intervals run at 1 mile race pace or “R” pace – find yours here:
    • 200m at R-pace, 200m jog recovery
    • 200m at R-pace, 400m jog recovery
    • Option A – 600m at R-pace, 600m jog recovery
    • Option B – 400m at R-pace, 600m+ jog recovery
  • 0605 – Finish the 3rd round and head back to the Vine
  • 0613 – Arrive at the Vine, wonder aloud if the Bagpipe group got lost in the gloom, then walk around as they arrived to look like we hadn’t just been standing there waiting on them.
  • Total miles – 7.5mi for the early crew, almost 6.0mi for the rest

The Moleskin:

  • Warm toilets…soft tissue paper… YHC thinks the Kangaroo is pretty nice, there’s even a vending machine in the bathroom if you recall what quarters are.
  • Who was that orange guy? Just before an interval, some orange guy heads off before the group. As we were running to catch up, YHC asks Frasier where the guy is… Must be REALLY fast, but apparently he was just quick to find the Aloft lobby toilet. He came dashing back on the next recovery, albeit fresher and lighter. Frehley’s should make a mental note, for his towel will thank him.
  • Haggis destroys 600m #1 in sub 5min pace. #legitspeed. Then he must have gone into a hole for a while to return on some 200s later.
  • OneNiner, who is a Strava user and could definitely stalk Frasier there later (if Frasier would ever post his stuff #trainsinsecret), comes up and asks the pace at the front. After trying to disguise with “should be” and “trying to”, Frasier let him in on the training secrets of #FreeRange.
  • Bagpipe or Tomatoes? Usually we spot Bagpipe at some point when staying close to home, but nothing early. Then a pack of three comes in the distance (we have a lot of singles running in the Gloom, but not many packs) and someone guesses Madame Tussaud has left the PAX behind on his Q. However, as the group of three came into view, unless Frehley’s towel was dangling from his head or Hops grew a pony tail, #thesearenotthepaxyouarelookingfor
  • Joe Davis Run training plan is at the link –  2nd tab has some recommended training alternatives. YHC will be refining and updating this, but wanted the PAX to see what kind of workouts might be on tap at Swift and DevilsTurn (Honeybee may be a co-conspirator) for the next 8 weeks.


  • 12/12 #1 – Gladiator Games
  • 12/12 #2 – Christmas Party
  • Joe Davis Run 5K/10K
  • 3rd F Timekeeper continues



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Fire Hazard
8 years ago

Great Q as always Bratwurst. From what I have been told the CVS is the best place for an am pit stop.

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