Gotta Go With What You Know

  • When:11/17/2015
  • QIC: Mermaid
  • The PAX: Icicle, Purple Haze, Huggy Bear, Dory, Utah, Hairball, Early Bird, Cane, Ironsides, Prohibition, Margo, Gerber, Fault Line, Turkey Leg, Alf, Hopper, Mr. Brady, Booyah, Mermaid (QIC)

Gotta Go With What You Know

7th Fast Twitch post and 1st Fast Twitch Q for YHC.  The men rolled in and the shovel flag was planted by Purple Haze.  Brief disclaimer given and off we went.

Mosey to Davie park.


SSH x 10 IC

Merkin x 20 IC

OYO pace from Davie park to Rudy’s in the Shops at Piper Glen, corner of Rea and Bevington.  We are now roughly 1.8 miles from SCMS.  Plank series to regroup.

Piper Shops Loop

Start at Rudy’s with 20 derkin.  Run to end of shopping center for 15 Jump Squat.  Run across Bevington to far corner of Rea/Bevington.  10 Jump up.  Back to Rudy’s and repeat x 2.  Mary series with legs up for 5 exercises x 10 IC: flutter, dolly, heels to heaven, high dolly, bicycle.

Mosey up Rea to Calvary Entrance 4.  AYG up the hill.  5 burpee.  Continue AYG to pavilion for bench set: 15 Jump Up/15 Derkin/15 Dips.  AYG to parking lot at Entrance 1.  Plank series.

Line up for full parking lot Sprints.  Down and back on short rest.  Mosey to corner of 51/Rea.  Derkin to regroup.

Continue across Rea down 51.  Right on Cary Ridge.  Approx 1/3 mile down Cary Ridge.  AYG back to 51.  Continue mosey to Davie park.  Plank series to regroup.  OYO pace back to SCMS.



T-claps to some Fast Twitchers with recent accomplishments.  Alf and Hopper completed 1st marathons, Thunder Road and Savannah, respectively.  Dory completed 1st half at TR.  Mr. Brady crushed the Spartan Beast.  Congrats men.

Spent some time perusing Google Earth and Mapquest trying to get a handle on Raintree street layout.  Admittedly, YHC pays zero attention to street names or routes when following a Q for a workout.  Raintree roads are not yet committed to long-term memory.  Not wanting to get lost, we just went the other way.  5.5 miles total.  Several chances to increase your pace and push yourself.  The group did a nice job of staying together.  YHC was smoked during the last half mile.  Some fast guys out there at Fast Twitch.  You know who you are.  Thanks for pushing YHC and the rest of the pax, and for looking after the six.  May have been a little more boot camp than usual in this hybrid workout.  Haze asked YHC if he was trying to make the guys yuge when we got to the pavilion at Calvary.  Appreciative of the opportunity to lead the Fast Twitch men.  Good, strong crew of men who pushed hard.  Always do.  T-claps to Mr. Brady for the takeout prayer.


01/09/2015 Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run.  Info and sign up found HERE

F3 A51 Christmas Party 12/12/2015.  Get signed up before 12/4.  See the preblast for more information.

Watch weekly email for Turkey Day football activities in A51.  Link up with a team.

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8 years ago

Solid Q Mermaid. I appreciated the upper body and strength work today. It’s good on a day when you are no longer interested in all the miles. Plus gets all the FT soccer arms swole.

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