ABC its Easy as 1-2-3 (HUNDRED)…

  • When:11/17/15
  • QIC: Fletch
  • The PAX: Witch Doctor, Harley, Tackling Dummy, Destiny (R), Freedom (R), Smokey, Arena, Young Love, Bounce, Dollywood, BlackSheep, Header, Sanka, Peacock, Good Hands, Spackler, Puddin Pop, Chum, Fletch (Q)

ABC its Easy as 1-2-3 (HUNDRED)…

It was a nearly perfect morning for a running intensive kettlebell beatdown and 19 of south charlotte’s finest showed up ready to work. With No FNG’s in attendance and the PAX thoroughly disclaimed away we went.
Leave the bells and run to fire lane for Walking lunges, side shuffle right, side shuffle left, backwards run, run hard back to bells.
20 Two Handed Swings OYO
10 Snatched Each Arm
10 Racked Squat & Press Each Side

Drop the Bells on the corner and All you got to the Tennis Pavilion for 50 Triceps Dips. All you got back to bells – early finishers completed Alternating One Handed Swings until all pax were back at the bells.

Partner Up (bell size/speed do not matter) and head to lower lot for the main thang.
Rack em High right, Left and flapjack until we arrive at the Lot.
Spread out between the first and second Median for Partner Work
P1 Sprints to 2nd LightPole (100Yards) and Back
P2 Performs Exercise until P1 returns (Flapjack until Cumulative Total is Reached)

Exercises Performed:
Round 1: 100 Snatches
Round 2: 200 Cleans
Round 3: 300 Two Handed Swings

Between Rounds we performed 50 Flutters and 50 LBC to allow all to complete their exercises.
With 2 minutes left we headed back to the top lot with Bells Locked High – completed 20 IC Flutter Press – TIME CALLED

I was looking forward to my first Q at Skunkworks since being offered and accepting the Co Site Q last week (thanks Harley). The objective today was to create a high intensity workout with very little downtime allowing for maximum effort from the PAX. We stretched the legs with some longer runs (to the tennis pavilion) and pounded the pavement with plenty of 100+ yard sprints. Pretty simple workout, allowing for a ton of reps in a short period of time with little to no rest. The high rep count tested grip strength toward the later rounds. There were several folks flying out there on the sprints, from my own pain cave I witnessed WitchDoctor, Dollywood, Smokey, Header, Sanka and a few others on the bottom lot pushing the pace. Our two Respect status members of the pax Freedom and Destiny continue to crush it. No one was holding back on the top lot either with strong work being put in by all. If I missed any other feats of strength or impressive performances, please post up in the comments.
Thank you Harley for the opportunity to Co-Q this Site. Skunkworks has always been a favorite due to its mix of running and strength training. Even before owning a kettlebell, I remember enjoying the posts with a dumb bell. The accountability and push from the rest of the pax is what continues to make this site what it is. Lets keep up the intensity and continue making eachother stronger and faster.
Very much appreciate YoungLove Taking us out this morning.

1/09/2016 Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run Link:
Please see weekly Email for Thanksgiving day A51 TurkeyBowl. Matthews SportsPlex

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