No title provided & No clever title coming to mind

  • When:11/16/15
  • QIC: Madison
  • The PAX: Lobster Roll, Pop tart, O’ Tannenbaum, Uncle Leo, Squid, Smokey, Witch Doctor, Coal Miner’s Daughter, Joker, Turkey Leg, Floor Slapper, Pink Panther, Prohibition, Twister, Horse Neck, Madison (Q)

No title provided & No clever title coming to mind

Posted on behalf of Madison:

15 men rolled out of the Fartsack on a tepid 36 degree Monday morning looking for a beat down to get their week started off in proper fashion.  YHC (on his V.Q) was honored to do his best in providing what they were looking for.  The Shovel Flag was planted and we were off at 05:30.

The Thang:

Warm Up = 2 laps around lower lot & circle up to watch Floor Slapper zip into the parking lot and join us (to bring the total to 16) for:



Arm Circles X 20 (front) X 20 (reverse) IC

Mosey to playground & partner up for “Triple Nickels”

Set 1 – Upper Body (OYO)


Burpees x 5

Pull ups X 10

Carolina Dry Docks X 15

Merkins x20

Dips X 25

Plank until P2 returns


P2: Run to far end of bus lot & return.  Flap Jack

Rinse & Repeat 3X

Plank until PAX has regrouped back at playground

Set 2: – Lower Body (OYO)


Side lunge X 5 each leg

Balance lunge X 10 each leg

Step up X 15 total (don’t slip on the icy benches)

Squats X 20

Calf raises X 25

People’s chair until P2 returns (don’t think anyone finished that quickly)

P2: Run to far end of bus lot & return.  Flap Jack

Rinse & Repeat 3X

Head over to wall for People’s Chair while PAX regroups (60 seconds)

Mary until time is up:

LBC x 25

Freddie Mercury x 25

Flutter x 20

Dolly x 20

Name-O-Rama & COT

Announcements:  Christmas party is December 12.  Check website for details.

Props to Squid for taking us out.



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8 years ago

Solid VQ Madison. I was afraid it was going to take a dive with the arm circles, but the triple nickles brought the pain. Great stuff.

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