Urgency and Sweet Tunes at the Brave

  • When:11/13/2015
  • QIC: Mermaid
  • The PAX: Brushback, Soft Pretzel, Fire Hazard, Frehley's Comet (Respect), Mario, Utah, Mic Check, Margo, Mermaid (QIC)

Urgency and Sweet Tunes at the Brave

YHC has a mostly love and slight hate relationship for 60 cent Thursday wing night at the joint around the corner.  Bowels may be kind or revolt in the gloom.  After exiting the Jeep YHC got slammed with the need to visit the Marathon station with great urgency.  Fire Hazard called upon to run the group down that way to link up after a visit with Mr. Brown.  Explosive, swift relief allowed the Q to get back to the corner to assume the Q.  Probably TMI, but accurate chronicling is one important goal of a good backblast.  9 men set off to get some work done.


Mosey down Conlan Circle.  Left on Brixham Hill to the Bull Ring.  Circle up near entrance.


SSH x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC.  Low plank.

Alternating Leg Raises x 15 IC

Bull Ring Laps

1: 20 Jump Squat.  Fast mosey pace around Bull Ring.  20 Jump Squat.  Plank series.

2: 10 Burpee.  AYG pace around Bull Ring.  10 Burpee.  Plank series. Exit Bull ring.  Left on Bally Corporate.  Stop at parking lot below Lance building.

Bally Corp Hill Repeats

1: 20 Jump Squat.  Fast mosey pace up hill to bridge.  20 Jump Squat.  Fast mosey back down.  20 Jump Squat.  Plank series.

2: 10 Burpee.  AYG up hill to bridge.  10 Burpee.  AYG back down hill.   10 Burpee.

Mary: Flutter x 10 IC/Hold/Dolly x 10 IC/Hold/Heels to Heaven x 10 IC/Hold

Exit lot left.  Left onto exercise trail to Loch Ness.  Chair plank to regroup.

Loch Ness Loops

1: Fast mosey pace around Loch Ness with stops at both corporate patios for 20 Derkin and 20 Dips.

2: Repeat at AYG

Exit into hotel parking lot and continue across Brixham to Conlan Circle.  Up Conlan Circle.  Cross Ballantyne Commons Parkway.  Continue to Parking Deck. Plank series to regroup.

AYG to top.  Mary: LBC x 10 IC/Hold/Protractor with 3 ten counts from the pax.  Brushback had to remember how to count backwards from ten.  Pax made sure he knew what numbers came next.

Mosey back down the decks to street level.  Merkin x 20 IC.

AYG to top.  Plank series to regroup.

Mosey back down to street level and exit deck.  Continue across Ballantyne Commons Pkwy down Conlan.  Crazy Ivan into long parking lot off Conlan Circle.  Continue mosey to medical building.  AYG up the hill and back to the launch lot.



A few cars pulled into the parking lot during COP.  Doors opened and several men began getting out and gearing up to build something.  Latin music played loudly.  Sweet tunes for our COP.  Strong group today that clipped 5.14 miles per the Garmin with a bunch of strength and core exercises mixed in.  Felt pretty good to YHC.  Kotters to Mic Check.  Same to Brushback who has been on a slight running hiatus.  Really enjoyed this workout with this group.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  Great work today.  T-claps to Frehley’s for the takeout prayer.


Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run.  01/09/2015.  Great race to remember Rock Thrill’s brother, Joe, who died of an accidental overdose.  Proceeds to Keystone Substance Abuse Services in Rock Hill, SC.  Get more information and register HERE

4th Annual A51 Christmas Party.  12/12/2015.  Preblast found HERE



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Fire Hazard
8 years ago

Great Q today Mermaid. I am still feeling it. The setup was perfect. It allowed all the pax to push hard, but kept the group together.

8 years ago

Enjoyed the Spanish counting to our merkin sets.

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