Never trust the Dealer

  • When:11/13/15
  • QIC: Dollywood (VQ)
  • The PAX: Header, stone cold, Barracus, mr Brady, Sky walker, zooks, bush, twister, uncle Leo, horse head, Shady (FNG), Harley, Spackler, Lobstah roll, squid, peacock, cottain tail, tackling dummy, pop tart, jeti, smokey, Geraldo, back draft, bogo, blazing saddles, witch doctor, brown, dolly wood

Never trust the Dealer

It was a perfect morning to enter the campus of CCS and get a little work in. He watched the F3 video on how to count and Dolly wood was ready and confident for his VQ. 28 pax and 1 FNG came in support.

After a quick disclaimer we ran down to the football field and circled up. Dolly wood led us in cadence (sort of) in 20 Merkins. We then did 20 low slow squats on our own while Dolly wood barked out instructions for the morning.

We moseyed over to the goal line when the dealer pulled out his magic playing cards. The idea was for each suit would mean a specific exercise. Spades=burpees, diamonds=Merkins, hearts=heels to heaven, clubs=10 yrd gassers. The entire pax would perform chosen exercise the number of times that was on the card.

It got a little fishy when the Q began to call out 13 or 20 of an exercise! I’ve never been to Vegas but I thought cards only went up to 10. Anyways, Joker ended up being 15 of all four exercises. I think the Q once again was making this up as he went along!

To wrap it all up we ran a lap and a half doing 25 Merkins at each corner. We ran some parking lot gassers and then circled up for COT.

There supposedly was a Brown sighting this morning. It must have been a fill in as this guy just kept running and never did the strength training! That ain’t the Brown I used to know!

Strong VQ Dolly wood! Enjoy your youth while you have it.

Jeti had a great send off!

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8 years ago

Writing his backblasts already? Another bad bet Header?

DW: I get Skywalker(talker) to talk continuously for 45, you write my backblasts from now until eternity. Deal?

Header: In

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