Birthday Bash – Hoorah!

  • When:11/12/15
  • QIC: Drop Thrill
  • The PAX: Retread, Tawny, The Mouth, Slim Fast, Sensei, Stay Puffed (Respect), Short Circuit, Happy, Booyah, The Count, Freedom (Respect), Geraldo, Drop Thrill

Birthday Bash – Hoorah!

13 unlucky souls came out for my return to Q at Peak 51.  Unlucky, cause you never know with me what might happen.  My back wasn’t very happy after Skunkworks this week, but I digress and on we go!


20- Windmills
10- Merkins

At this point I’m a bit fuzzy about COP, but if we did more just take that as your extra #DRP.

Mosey to the track…

In honor of the U.S. Marine Corps which turned 240 years old yesterday, we did the following:

Partner one runs the track, Partner two starts cumulative sets of called exercises.

120-Star Jumps
240 120-Lunges

A few stretches to loosen up the old muscles then off to the wall…

Peoples chair with arm raises x25
Feet on the wall merkins x5
Peoples chair with arm raises x30
Feet on the wall merkins x5

Next up is a classic ladder.  Perform each exercise the called number, then move up/down the ladders of 2,4,6,8,8,6,4,2

Step Ups

Back to launch point for a bit of Mary and we’re done!

Awesome work by all!  As Chum likes to say, another case of the weak leading the strong.  Always fun to Q at Peak and try and keep up as I lead.

Thanks Sensei for taking us out and for always being an inspiration.


Area 51 Christmas Party preblast is up:

Joe Davis sign ups are underway:

Football silliness is coming on Thanksgiving! No Peak 51 workout Thanksgiving!!!

Union County has launched Thrive, a boot camp at 5:30 on Tuesdays at Chestnut Square Park, about 5-10 minutes from Matthews right off Hwy 74.  Happy and Turnpike are Site Q’s.

Thanks for letting me lead, it’s always an honor and thanks to all our veterans both Marines and otherwise for your service.  We are free because of you!

With respect.


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8 years ago

Enjoyed it, DT.

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