Caribbean Vacay Gone Wrong #4MC

  • When:11/10/15
  • QIC: Hairball
  • The PAX: Buttermaker, Ironsides, Floor Slapper, Gerber, Mr. Brady, Barracus, Prohibition, Fault Line, Alf, Margo, Gummy, Purple Haze, Flutie Flakes, Lex Luthor, Huggie Bear, Mermaid, Utah, Hairball (QIC)

Caribbean Vacay Gone Wrong #4MC

18 dudes made a questionable decision and posted at #F3FastTwitch this morning. Rain tapering off made for a humid, dark jaunt through Raintree. Preblast posted yesterday laid out the plans for what was in store. No shortage of hills, mileage, or suck. #transparency

Tha Thang:

Warmup pace down Woodfox. Left on Rounding Run. Right on Raintree Ln.

COP at gravel lot – token merkins, squats, whatever… on to the fun stuff

Afterburners engaged, up Raintree towards providence

Rendezvous at 4-way stop (Raintree Ln/4 Mile Creek)

Mosey down #4MC to Whitethorn (blinking light)

Suicides up #4MC (AYG on the uphill)

  • Up to St. Thomas Ln, back down to blinking light
  • Up to St. Croix Ln, back down to blinking light
  • Up to Raintree Ln.

A few of us did some plank-o-rama until the 6 rolled in.

Mosey back down Raintree Ln

Quick COP again at the gravel lot for 3 or 4 merkins

Onward down Raintree Ln towards 51.

Mosey down Windbluff, AYG up backside, stop at Shallowood, about face

Mosey back down Windbluff, AYG up to Raintree Ln.

Record speed indian run back to campus

6.24 miles, as promised


Da Moleskinny

-@Gerber and @Brady led the charge this morning.

-Heads up, A51- Gummy is making the rounds to subtly let everyone know the tiggers are on top. Looking like a powderpuff schedule remaining. Looks like #TheyreIn

– Raintree streets named after Caribbean islands doesn’t fit the 70s brady bunch theme.

-#4MC is a monster. #4MC x 3 was a real kick below the belt.

-Lots of dudes got points for leading a lap. Something about “clean air” up front. @Joker wasn’t there today, so not really sure what they meant

-Seemingly no takers on the modifications #strong, or the Strava segments #weak

-Pretty sure this’ll be the last time I’m invited to Q FT again. As usual, twas a real pleasure.

-TClaps to the site chaplain for a meaningful takeout.



-Convernence tomorrow (11/11) for Veteran’s Day at Anvil – 0530. @Gloss has the hairburners station. Quotes: “Worth the price of admission!” “Come for the show!”

-Joe Davis Run 1/9/16

-Christmas party 12/12 – Sardis Swim Club

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8 years ago

#sucked. Good thing I started tapering on planks and LBCs.

8 years ago

I don’t understand the segments thing. Am I supposed to sandbag during the rest of the workout so I have extra energy left for the segments? No way Hairball got up that hill in 33 seconds. Pro only beat me by 3 seconds though – that’s a win for me. I may have to up to the Premium Strava account so I can unlock the special “By Weight” leaderboard. Pretty sure I’d be crushing that one with all you skinny guys out there.

Nice workout design – just enough suck without having to repeat horrible sections over and over again.

I never figured out who was just behind me over my right shoulder the whole way down Windbluff and back. Margo maybe? I was too scared to look. He pushed me faster than I wanted to go though, so good stuff. And that Indian Run home was brutal.

Also, Haze mentioned the #1 ranked Clemson Tigers first. Jealous.

8 years ago

Good one Hairball. Covered a lot of Raintree ground and kept it interesting with plenty of hill work. Nicely done.

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