Splish Splash Saturday

Splish Splash Saturday

8 Men showed no fear of Cantore as they posted in the threatening gloom of a Union County Saturday morn. Their Daily Red Pill tasted something like this:

COP In Cadence
SSH x 25
Squats x 20
Merkins x 15

Mosey to first courtyard
Warm up with People’s Chair for 1 minute, then
Donkey Kicks x 20, Burpees x 5, Merkins x 10
Another minute of People’s Chair, then
Donkey Kicks x 30, Burpees x 10, Merkins x 15

Mosey to second courtyard
Box Jumps x 10, Dips x 10, Derkins x 10
Box Jumps x 15, Dips x 15, Derkins x 15

Mosey to big hill for Sevens
1 Squat at bottom, 6 Merkins at top…….
6 Squats at bottom, 1 Merkin at top.

Bear Crawl down to next sidewalk
Mosey across bridge to fields for B.O.M.B.S.
Run out to “cone”, Burpees x 10, run back to start.
Run out to cone, Overhead Press x 15, run back.
Run out to cone, Merkins x 20, run back.
Run out to cone, Big Boy Sit-UPs x 25, run back.
Run out to cone, Squats x 30, run back.

Mosey to Concession stand; Dolly x 25, LBC x 25.
Mosey to underneath bleachers; Incline Rows x 15, Squats x 25.
Meander around back of bleachers looking for an old friend, who is MIA.
Mosey out to far goalpost.

Find old friend Chin Up Bar-
Pax forms half circle around ChinUp Bar in Plank position. One at a time, AMRAP Chin Ups while Pax plank, rejoin Plank circle when done.

All Pax having given best effort, form Indian Run line and run back to Concession Stand.
People’s Chair, some Air Presses to warm up for another old friend.

Mosey to Bridge, Lunge Walk across, mosey to field at Rock Quarry.
Introductions to Jack Webb, and we go up to 10 Merkins/40 Air Presses.
People’s Chair to forget how much your shoulders hurt.
Mosey to front porch.

LBC x 30
Bicycle x 25
Dolly x 20
Russian Twist x 15


Great to have everybody out, in spite of the April weather. Cantore couldn’t decide if it would be 72 and humid, or pouring rain. Settled for both. Excellent effort by everyone. WWII sit ups in the soaked fields was a treat; glad to see most remembered to bring towels. Always a pleasure to Q this group! YHC couldn’t shake Doc McStuffins or Silicon on the tougher bits; two more beasts ready to take the reigns.
We wish the best to the crew running the Spartan Beast next weekend, won’t be the same #Commitment with you gone. Good Luck and Godspeed men!

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