Mountain Goat 11/6 Pre-Blast

  • When:11/6/15
  • QIC: Slim Fast
  • The PAX: Mountain Goats!!!

Mountain Goat 11/6 Pre-Blast

Following our awesome showing at the timed mile last week, we will be returning to the 30-30-1 intervals on Strawberry Ln.  The program will be simple:
1.  Warm-up/Stretch
2.  :30-sec run at I-pace, recovery jog back to start, :30-sec run at I-pace, recovery jog back to start, 1:00-minute run at I-pace, recovery jog back to start.  We’ll do this 5 times.
3.  We will do 1 or 2 1-1-2 intervals just to see how the added time will feel.
4.  Cool-down/Stretch

Now that most everyone has your timed mile from last week, here is the link to a pace calculator

Input your mile time (or estimate), and press “Calculate”.  Then go to the “Training” tab, and you will see the different paces.  Tomorrow we will use the “Interval” pace… or I-pace.

See you in the morning!  Slim Fast

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