Hello again long lost friend

  • When:11/05/15
  • QIC: Honey Bee
  • The PAX: Swiper, Champaign, Mr. Brady, Mistaflex, Hairball, Marvel, Outback, Huggy Bear, Exlax, Prohibition, The Mouth, Ironsides, Stone Cold, Honey Bee

Hello again long lost friend

14 men discovered the feeling of getting reacquainted with a long lost friend only to be subsequently sucker punched in the face.  That was the distinct feeling experienced as the PAX returned to the hills of Piper Glen during today’s Devil’s Turn.

2 men (Prohibition and YHC) came for some quick but approachable pre-work running out to SCMS and back prior to the regular 5:15 start.  At the half way point, Prohibition made some comment about wanting to go slower, then proceeded to book it back to the greenway parking lot.  It seems like YHC was either hustled or needs to take more showers.  Either way, Prohibition got extra miles and did so with quickness.

Once the main event started, 13 men headed out from the parking lot around the apartment loop and picked up Mistaflex on the way back past the lot. It seems there was another extended feeding of the 2.0 that kept him.  We are glad he found us though because it would be a shame to have missed the treat that was in store.

When we were complete with our 14 strong, we headed south on Rea and entered Piper Glen through Old Course.  The rest is a blur.  It seemed like everyone was down to business today with two man groups forming and pushing each other through the pain of each hill.  That is it right there brothers, ISI.

Mr. Brady and Swiper may have been exceptions to the pained feeling since they bounded off into the distance early not to be seen again until COT.  Mr. Brady even displayed an irrational exuberance when it was mentioned hills were the plan for the day.  The guy is a beast, there’s not much more to be said about that.  Swiper kept him honest by pacing him the whole way.  Not sure who was pushing whom.  Hairball must have had a wild hair which kept him close on their heels.  Strong speed.

Stone Cold and Exlax were battling it out to the end today.  Exlax was cruising to the tunes and Stone Cold gave an audible grunt at the initiation of each hill effectively exerting dominance over the terrain.  It worked.

Marvel and Mistaflex teamed up to tackle the hills together.  It seemed they may have completed the whole ~6 mile loop this morning but we will need to confirm that with the judges later. Great push brothers!

Ironsides got to experience the hills of Piper Glen for the first time at Devil’s Turn.  He is acquainted with the hills of Raintree, but enjoyed the specialness contained on this side of the tracks this morning.  It is good to continue to have you out brother!

Champaign enjoyed getting some hill work in preparation for Spartan greatness in a little over a week.  We will root for you as you embrace the suck involved in that event.  You will dominate.

The Mouth, Huggy Bear, and Outback flew under the radar this morning but arrived at COT fully satisfied.  The Mouth reminded all that the hills still suck and this is true.  But this is what makes us stronger.  Let’s use this strength to impact those around us for the better.  That is really what it is about in the end.  #boom


  • Pray for our F3 brothers headed to Nicaragua today to rebuild a bridge
  • Sign up for Joe Davis Run.  It is a great race and Bratwurst is thinking up some sort of competition aspect (besides the obvious race).  Stay tuned.
  • Christmas Party Dec 12 – Sardis Swim & Racquet Club
  • Thanksgiving football – The running workouts clearly have the advantage here.  We need to prove it.  Hail Mary’s constantly… Contact Turkey Leg to sign up (running workout captain).

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