The Maul Mile M100x2

  • When:11/04/2015
  • QIC: Wingman
  • The PAX: Frasier, Haggis, Madam T, Outback, Linus, Loogie, Frack, Pop-tart, Tuck, Rip Curl, Fire Hazard, Squid, Mr. Bean, Chipotle, Commish, Wingman (QIC)

The Maul Mile M100x2

Stirring up the pot a bit.

The Thang
IW x 20 IC
SSH x 20 IC
Front Lunge x 10 IC
Side Lunge x 10 IC

The Maul Mile
Run a mile with two stops of M100.

Run to GNC (half-way) do the following:
10 Burpees
10 Mountain Climbers CC
10 Squat/Squat-Jump
Repeat x 3
10 More Burpees
= M100 (100 reps)

Run to Finish of the Mile
M100 again.

Various Mary was ordered while the plank finished up.
Some chatter on Squids version of Down. Mr. Bean called out his Jersey accent! Quickly Corrected
Elbow plank via Haggis.  Form.
Knees on ground. Tighten up the backside. Shoulders high.  Knees off ground. Immediate results.
Hold until Q is ready to call recover.

Mosey to Firebirds
10 Dips on the Ledge
10 Derkins
1 minute of:
– 4 count bicycle
– 4 count Heels to Heaven
30 seconds of Half-Burpees/Monkey Somethings (plank to knees to hands)
Repeat x 3

Mosey to Launch for Mary
20 x In/Outs IC – Loogie Crowd-pleaser. YHC had forgotten how much fun it was to watch Loogle. Think we caught wind of his style on Outback’s MaryQ.
15 x Bicycle (Commish)
15 x Chippy Alternating Twist (Chipotle) – correct YHC on said excercise. #brainfart
2 min of Elbow Plank (Frasier) – Crowd-pleaser. Talks of renaming him Daphne. The particulars left to the gloom.
~45 seconds left. YHC isn’t letting anyone off the hook. Back to your six:
20 X LBC IC. YHC steals 6 seconds of PAX Time. #IOU.

Thine Only MS.
The Maul Mile (YHC will create Strava segment, should be recurring every once in a while).
Pleasure as always to lead. Solid group today. Great Chatter. Rain was refreshing. Mary lot was especially wet.

2nd Annual Area 51 Turkey Bowl. hit up @F3Brown or @SpacklerF3
12/12 Christmas Party.
Joe Davis Run – Discount available. If you can’t make it consider the “Sleeping In” option.

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8 years ago

Jump, squat, jump jump squat. Jumpity jump jump squat.

8 years ago

Who is this Wingman? I’ve heard of Wing Man, but…

8 years ago

wingman, wing man, wing(space)man. wingspaceman, wingy

The day it all started (small mention of the name):

Im totally sure i didn’t say “wing” space “man”. But here is the arguments. and reference to Monday’s workout:

I will add this. These blasts are from September and my “login” was created in/around July as “wingman”

Let the mystery continue…

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