17.25 Posted for a trip to the ARBO and stroll down Providence Road

  • When:11/3
  • QIC: Buttermaker
  • The PAX: Purple Haze, Alf, Fault Line, Cheddar, Gerber, Mr. Brady (kind of), Mermaid, Cain, Iron Side, Icicle, Utah, Fletch, Hairball, Turkey Leg, Joker, Huggy Bear, Tiger Rag, Buttermaker

17.25 Posted for a trip to the ARBO and stroll down Providence Road

The Thang:

  • Leave out of the parking lot and cover about 1.2miles in route to the ARBO parking lot.
  • Circle up by the ABC store for a brief warm-up of a mere 20 x SSH
  • Start with 10 merkins and repeat at each speed bump until reaching Providence Road (100 in total)
  • Make our way down to the bottom of Providence Road where the entrance to Providence Plantation is.  Quick plank to regroup the PAX.
  • Head straight back up the hill in the direction where we came in 2 groups each knocking out a pretty long Indian Run.
  • Head back into the ARBO by the FireStone and partner up for a game of Catch Me if You Can back to the ABC Store.
  • Back into RainTree for some suicides followed by a mosey back towards the school.
  • Regrouped for an “all you got” for the last 150yds or so.
  • Due to poor timing on my part, we still had a few minutes left and TL was quick to point out that he hadn’t gotten his moneys worth so we ended with 4 50yd sprints.


I need to start by saying that this Q for me wouldn’t have been possible without the mentoring of Mr. Purple Haze.  I’m truly a better Q for having had him there.  Without him, I wouldn’t have had anyone questioning when we were going to make our first stop, anyone to correct the volume of my voice when we circled up at the ARBO, nobody questioning the appropriateness of when and where to take a 10 count, etc.  And for this, I say “thank you, Haze”.

Although we came up a bit short of my 6 mile goal (about 5.5miles) by my count, I felt like the workout was what I needed.  Although there weren’t any FNG’s, there were a few new faces to me.  Icicle, Cain, and Utah, good to meet you gentlemen.  Very impressed with the way Utah pushed through.  Well done.

As we were heading back down 51 I hear “runner ahead” from the group and then I hear some chatter along the lines of “is that Mr. Brady”?  And then “It has to be…look how low that person has his arms”.  Sure enough, with about 3/4 of the workout completed, we find Mr. Brady who had been wondering Raintree looking for us for the previous 45 minutes.  Hence the 17.25 Pax…I just wouldn’t feel right about giving him full credit for this performance.

With the strong performance by the Panthers last night and the rain all night, I was expecting a much smaller group this morning.  However, I was impressed with the numbers.  And for those of you who were overserved at the Panthers game and couldn’t get out of the fart sack….you should be ashamed.  You know who you are….

I appreciate the opportunity given to me to lead the group this morning.  Job well done by all.  Looking forward to next time.


Hariball is urging us all to get out and vote today

TL is putting a FastTwitch team together for the Turkey Bowl which will be held on Thanksgiving morning at 7:30am.  I missed the location to reach out to TL if interested

Joe Davis run on 1/9


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8 years ago

Strong Q Buttermaker. Enjoyed it, mostly. Lesson learned for next time is to try harder to pair up with a man of more similar speed than Joker for catch me if you can. You know what they say though, if you want to run faster run with faster men. Never a shortage of those at Fast Twitch.

Fault Line took a dive on Providence and recovered with both speed and grace. He was running again so quickly I began to question if it even happened. Certainly glad he was OK.

8 years ago

That was a good one Buttermaker. Few notable items for me this morning… Purple Haze runs with a certain swagger [part runner, part cowboy]; Alf is an exceptional smack talker, and not afraid to dish it out to his elders – #norespectforauthorityfigures; Mr. Brady has a unique running form [very effective, but as if something was altered in the arm swing evolution of the Brady family], TR as a refusenik is very entertaining [I especially enjoyed seeing him motor by as he bypassed the speed bump merkins] – and with a statement that was part Confucius and part Yogi Berra, TR said this morning, “it is better to do 50% of the exercises at 100% than 100% at 50%.”

8 years ago

Some call it smack talk, some call it motivational. Fine line between the two.

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