The Doctor Will See You Now

  • When:10/31/2015
  • QIC: Kevorkian
  • The PAX: Bouncer, Shriver, Silicon, Howie (2.0), Bratwurst, Snowflake, Crowbar, Crabcake, Camacho, Popeye, FNG Scott Smith (T-Ball), Armadillo, FNG Steven Yang (Snaggletooth), Doc McStuffins, Kevorkian

The Doctor Will See You Now

15 Trick or Treaters were hopeful, but they rang the wrong bell. Dr. Kevorkian answered, and this is what was passed out:

SSH x 31
IW x 31
MC x 31
LBC x 31
Merkins x 31
Knee Raises x 31

Mosey to the Right

Box Jumps x 10
Derkins x 10
DIPS x 10
Step Ups x 10

Mosey to the Right

People’s Chair:
Regular, Rt. Leg Up, Regular, Lt. Leg Up, Regular, Air Presses x 31, Air Punches x 31

Mosey to the Right

Pair up:
Partner 1 does 8 point Burpees x 10, Partner 2 does Incline Merkins until tapped.

Mosey to the Bridge

Lunge walk forward across bridge, turn around Lunge walk backward to start, turn around Bear Crawl halfway, then Crab Walk all the way till the end.

Mosey to the Track

Indian Run around track
*Editor’s Note: This was not your 2.0’s Indian Run, this was diabolical. Pax counted off by two’s, with groups going to opposite sides of the track at 50 yard line.
Both groups running counterclockwise, last man sprints past the front of his group, all the way to front of other group. Basically turned onto a 440. Cue the Merlot….

Mosey to the Rock Quarry

Pick up a “friend”
Bicep Curls x 15
Shoulder Press x 15
Overhead Tricep Extensions x 15

Mosey to Starting Point

Heels to the Heaven x 10
American Hammers x 31

Moleskin by Snowflake
This was a very good (by that I mean miserable) beatdown by the good doctor. Well thought out and painfully effective. Quads were on fire during the People’s Chair, that lasted about two days. And then we got to the track….Truly a case of Assisted Suicide.

Joe Davis Run – 5K & 10K in Early January, (contact: Bratwurst)
Spartan – Beast on November 14th, (contact: Kevorkian, Transporter)
F3 Soccer Game – Matthews Sportsplex on November 7th (contact: Bratwurst)

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