Yep, the Yellow Rose is definitely haunted

  • When:10/31/2015
  • QIC: Marty McFly, Hairball
  • The PAX: Fletch, Frasier, Dear Abby, The Swede, Strawberry, Iron Horse (R), Semi Gloss (HBD), Prohibition, Hairball

Yep, the Yellow Rose is definitely haunted

9 grown men went trick-or-treating at 0700 in 704-South. Well gents, da boyz are back in town. @Pro, back fresh off a solid 26.2 in chi-town. @HB, back from a solid 26.2 glasses of wine in NorCal. Great to see a solid core of the regulars out there, and the used-to-be regulars in their new absentia routine. Come on back when you’re ready guys.


Tha Thang:

Trick-or-treat COP:

@Pro emptied the treats out of his 2 year old daughter’s pumpkin trick or treat back and filled it with some terrible exercises. We circled up and passed the pumpkin with each guy pulling an exercise;

Burpees, merkins, diamonds, LBCs, wide arms, other horrible stuff on the DZ gravel lot.


Mosey to Brechin hill for some scary 7’s. Jump squats at the bottom, merkins up top, 4 burpees midway on both the up and down trip. Ding-dong-ditch every house on the way down.

@HB took the crew on an indian-mosey across 51 to the neighborhood behind Reafield apartments. We passed a FiA group along Baybrook – looking strong, ladies.

Clockwise lap around Woodleigh Oaks (0.8mi), stopping at each side street (8 total, think “legs of the spider”) for 10 merkins. Indian-mosey to the back side of the Yellow Rose (R.I.P.) for a flyby. The place has been closed a month and looks like it’s been abandoned for years. Thanks @SG for not using the toilet left on the back porch. @Radar, if you need a spot to squat (#1 or #2), take note.

AYG from the Rose back to campus. Circle up on the gravel – Flutter, J-Lo.


Notable stuff:

@KelseyGrammar ran to Gastonia and back before the workout. @Swede looking strong pushing through sleepless nights. @Strawberry might be a licensed garage door guy – @HB’s springs are hangin’ tough #NKOTB. @Pro #MartyMcFly fought through the cobwebs and delivered a nasty dose of pain. The pumpkin king himself, @Glossy, celebrates a birthday today. Hope someone buys him a new pair of copper shorts. @DA still waiting on a response from @linsanity on his hair product. If you dont get a response, ask @SG – dude pulled off his toboggan rocking a fresh swoop. Lots of product (or grease?) on that moptop. @Fletch led the pace, as usual. Almost lost @IH on the YR flyby. Swear I heard some sniffles and sobs as we cruised past. Hard to accept it buddy, but she gone.

We ran 4.7 miles today and banged out 200+ merkins. Pretty stout for a workout not advertised as a running workout. @PH- watch out #FastTwitch

Thanks @IH for the takeout. Thoughts and prayers for you and your crew in Nicaragua on the bridge next week. Make sure that harness is high and tight, kinda like yer shorts.

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8 years ago

Solid work today, men. A lot more merkins than I was hoping for today. On the bright side, I’m feeling like the incredible hulk on Halloween.

Happy Birthday Gloss. Everyone mark the calendar for next year. He’s a halloweenie and will be needing additional burpees. The 63 we did today weren’t enough for that beast of a man.

8 years ago

Great Q Gentlemen. Enjoyed the trick or treating and Running (not the burpees).

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