You Say It’s Your Birthday…

  • When:10/29/15
  • QIC: Sensei
  • The PAX: Booyah, Tiger Rag, Nomad, Header, Freedom, Horsehead, Cheddar, Rock Thrill, Zombie, Dora, Retread, Madame Tussauds, Tawney, Icicle, Geraldo, Iron Horse, Short CIrcuit, Smokey, Tang, Runstopper, Insomniac, Skywalker, The Count, Hops, Slim Fast, Sesnei

You Say It’s Your Birthday…

Back Blast from Sensei for a Peak51 record-setting beatdown!  Excellent Q!!

After a couple of rainy days in and around Charlotte, 26 PAX came out of hiding to help celebrate no rain and my birthday Q.  After the disclaimer was given, it went a little something like this.

Run around the front of FBC Matthews to the side parking lot for COP
SSH x 20
5 Merkins OYO
IW x 20
4 Merkins OYO
Peter Parker x 20
3 Merkins OYO
LSS x 20
2 Merkins OYO
Parker Peter x 20
1 Merkin OYO

We took a moment to stretch the hammies then…
Mosey down Sadie Dr to Baucom Park and find a bench for some circuit work

Rd1:  Wide Arm Merkins x 10, Dips x 15, Step Ups x 20
Rd2:  Repeato w/ Incline Merkins
Rd3:  Repeato w/ Decline Merkins
Rd4:  Repeato w/ Diamond Merkins

There was some chatter about Runstopper and a predator owl who was not happy with our intrusion onto his turf that early in the morning.  All PAX were present and accounted for at the end of the workout, so no harm done.

Form 2 lines and Indian Run back down Sadie Dr to the church parking lot

Time for some Merry:
LBC x 20
Dolly x 20
Flutter x 20

Roll over to plank and do some Jack Webb…Up to 10 (Runstopper favorite)
Mosey over to the school to find some wall

3 rounds of PC
1st round we just sat there and enjoyed each other’s company;  2nd round w/ 50 air presses; 3rd round w/ 100 air presses (Thanks Runstopper for the audible, that was a real crowd favorite)

2 rounds of BTTW w/ 10 count…Slow 10 counts as it turns out

Mosey back to the parking lot for COT
Ah, one minute left so we did as many Burpees as possible until time was called


Thanks to Slim Fast, Header and Booyah for the company on the prerun.  All are welcome to join us each Thursday prior to the workout.

Dora and Zombie did a pre ruck, as well as kept them on during the workout.  That must have been an amazing experience during Jack Webb.

So, I’ve been in F3 about 18 months and have Q’d enough now that I know what I am doing.  That being said, I was blown away with the number of guys who came out this morning to support me for this Q.  All of you guys rock and absolutely help to push me as well as each other.

Thanks for taking us out Header

Chime in if I missed anything and with any other comments.  Thanks again for allowing me to lead a group of such great men.


1.  Joe Davis signups are now open for the 5k/10k on 1/9.  Kick off your new year the right way while helping a fantastic cause.

2.  Brew Ruck 5 will be on 11/14.  Another great cause you can participate in if you’re not running Thunder Road.

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Glass Joe
8 years ago

Happy BDay Sensei. Sorry I had to miss this one but the M had to go in to work this morning. The Count confirmed this was a good beatdown as he’s feeling it (we work in the same group at the bank).

8 years ago

It was a good workout and to see and experience the great determination that you have its incredible thanks for letting me part of it and keep up the great work

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