Head Fake

  • When:10/29/15
  • QIC: Honey Bee
  • The PAX: Marvel, Mistaflex, O'Tannenbaum, One-Niner (site FNG), Prohibition, Gumbo, Mr. Brady, Huggy Bear, Mall Cop, Wolfman, Ironsides, Honey Bee

Head Fake

The Devil’s Turn launch point is a lonely and desolate place at 4:45 am.  Not even the early rising RFYL’ers are crazy enough to start that early.

At 5:15, a crew of 10 had assembled to get the #F3DevilsTurn party started.  After a brief discussion and a threat of outright mutiny, it was decided to abandon the plans to go to the track and instead head to the #DangerZone for the morning constitutional.  It wasn’t until well into the workout that YHC realized that any latecomers would not know where we were.  However, we were committed at that point.

At COT, we learned Mall Cop and an illusive Wolfman had run the course to the track and back after arriving 5 minutes late.  They seemed ok with it though.

It was a fairly standard day at the ‘Turn once the plan was ironed out.  After navigating the dark and dangerous sidewalk up to 51, we were in the clear to open up all cylinders on the bike lanes and rolling hills of Rea between 51 and Colony.  Mr. Brady took off once there and was mysteriously missing at the turnaround to come back toward 51.  Was he that fast that we completely missed him heading back?  Nope, it turns out there was a Johnny on the Pot that captured his fancy on the way out.  At least he didn’t pull a Mr. Bean or Frehley’s move out there.

One Niner visited DT for the first time today.  It is a fur piece for he and YHC coming from the likes of SC to run with the faithful.  He seems to be a natural for DT though as he was leading the PAX for the duration of the workout.  Welcome my IL brother.

Ironsides made his second trip out to DT today to avoid the muck and mire.  We are glad he did.  Strong runner that Ironsides.  Although he was feared lost at the end, he made it back to port with no dents in the armor.

Huggy Bear continues his push toward faster paces and has his eye set on half marathon greatness come Spring.  There is no doubt whatever race is chosen will be dominated.  The man is on point.  (he is also from GT, so there’s that too)

Gumbo is also hitting the running workouts hard and looking strong out there.  It is good to have him out there pounding the pavement again.

O’Tannenbaum, Marvel, and Mistaflex were pushing each other out there and looking strong.  It is great to see our regulars out week in and week out.  Thanks brothers!

Prohibition is back in stride after his first Marathon in Chicago.  After achieving greatness in his first, he is now ready to go for that next one.  Too early?  Well you will get that itch again brother.  It will happen.

No announcements today.  That’s what Twitter is for right?

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8 years ago

Good crew out there today. Fun getting to catch up with OT. Huggy Bear and I almost continued our partner merkins from DV yesterday at one point. Thanks for switching the course today. 3 days in a row of SCMS can be a little much for me.

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