No Rain Delays, Feels Like 1986

  • When:10/28/15
  • QIC: Geraldo
  • The PAX: Prohibition, Lex Luthor, Stagecoach, Skywalker, Turkey Leg, Peacock (Casey Eversall)-FNG, Dollywood, Freedom (R), Coal Miner's Daughter (R), Huggy Bear, Puddin' Pop, Geraldo

No Rain Delays, Feels Like 1986

12 PAX, including 1 FNG, ignored #Cantorre and their #Fartsacks and posted at Death Valley for their #DownPAINment. Here’s how it went down.

The Thang:


  • SSH x 19 (Bobby Ojeda)
  • IW  x 16 (Dwight Gooden)
  • Merkins x 12 (Ron Darling)
  • LBCs x 50 (Sid Fernandez)
  • Burpees OYO x 5 (Davey Johnson)

Track Work

Mosey to the track and partner up, size and speed does not matter. Run in opposite directions, meet and perform the total number of reps of called exercise.

  • Merkins x 25
  • Wide Arm Merkins x 25
  • Diamond Merkins x 25
  • Merkins x 25

Finish up with 8 merkins OYO for a total of 108, the number of wins for the 86′ Mets.

People’s Chair (aka “The Semi-Gloss)

Head back towards Semi-Gloss’ office, the bathrooms, for some shelter and 3 rounds of the People’s Chair, 2 with Air Presses x 50.

Play ball! (well not really)

Mosey up and pick out a cinder block, wait, no blocks Audible #1, find a lifting rock and head down to the ball field, which was not covered by the crack SCMS grounds crew and thus Audible #2 was called. Partner 1 runs to the loop from the bleacher up and around the stairs, Partner 2 does called exercise AMRAP with the coupon, flapjack.

  • Round 1- Curls
  • Round 2- Overhead Press
  • Round 3- Tricep Extensions


  • Flutters x 17 (Keith Hernandez)
  • Rosalitas x 18 (Daryl Strawberry)
  • LBCs x 15 (George Foster, traded mid-season)
  • Dolleys x 8 (Gary Carter)


  • Strong work by the PAX in less than desirable conditions, there are no rain delays in F3.
  • YHC is a long suffering Mets fan and wanted to put together a workout with a 1986 Mets and baseball theme. The odd rep counts represent jersey numbers (see above) for the illustrious 86′ Mets, with the exception of George Foster, that was not intentional.
  • The field conditions, no big surprise here, and the missing cinder blocks resulted in the audibles, luckily plenty of options with this AO.
  • Skywalker was asking for some shelter early on, it came eventually, you’re welcome.
  • Turkey Leg was out front leading PAX as usual.
  • TCLAPS to Peacock-FNG for posting in these conditions, no excuses going forward, see you again soon.
  • YHC stayed up way too late watching the World Series, thanks to Puddin’ Pop for sticking with me this morning.
  • Many PAX stayed in their dry cars as long as they could before venturing out, you’re going to get wet no matter what, it’s inevitable.
  • Nice drive-by from Fireman Ed who swung by to say hello before heading out to some ESPN event, #LikelyStory.
  • Thanks to Skywalker for taking us out.
  • Thanks to Stagecoach and Semi-Gloss for the opportunity to lead and please sound off with any mumble chatter.


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Coal Miners Daughter
8 years ago

Geraldo – as a life long Red Sox fan that ’86 mets team was almost as hated as any Yankee team. Glad I didn’t know what you were doing with those counts I might have had to walk away and not finish (much like my Red Sox did in game 6 that year). Thanks for the beatdown and the bad memories.

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