A Gentle Douche*

A Gentle Douche*

*French for shower

We lined up in front of the theatre likes nerds for The Force Awakens, then took off across the strip mall like it was Black Friday. In a failed attempt to lessen our exposure to the rain, we stuck close strip mall awnings and overhangs. Once we got to the far end of the storefronts to a small parking lot any possibility of staying dry evaporated (poetry or irony?).

Disclaimer, blah, blah, blah

IW x 20
Plank jacks x 20
Peter Parker x 20

Partner up for two laps around the cinema. At each corner alternate 10 partner slap merkins and 10 partner  upright rows.

Bear crawls to curb w/ 1 derkins and back for a total of 7 lengths
Peoples chair x 40 presses
Crabwalk to curb for 5 dips increasing by 5 for a total of 5 lengths
Peoples chair x 40 presses
Broadjumps to curb for 20 squats for a total of 2 lengths
Peoples chair x 40 presses
50 calf raises OYO

Run back across the strip mall, stopping for 20 supine pullups on shopping the cart rack.

1 round of suicide sprints

Dolly x 20
Rosalita x 20
Freddy Mercury x 20
Chippy Cross x 20
LBC x 20


Thanks to all who came out to workout in less than optimal conditions. The beauty of F3 is that we show up for each other and the exercise takes care of itself.

  • You can do a three-way partner slap merkin #menageatroismerkin
  • Loogie can upright row YHC and GoDaddy with Easy #HULKSMASH!
  • Don’t park in Fire Hazard’s space #assignedseats
  • It’s Wing Man, not WingMan #allspacesmatter
  • Partner upright rows behind a theatre is a questionable call #uncomfortable

Joe Davis Run

Turkey Bowl Flag Football teams are forming now.

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Mr. Bean
8 years ago

WT, where is the PAX roster, first rule in Q101 cmon buddy!! As usual looks like a well planned and executed WT workout. Tclaps brother. I have Rebel Yell tomorrow see you there and don’t park in my spot!!

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