• When:10/27/2015
  • QIC: Mermaid
  • The PAX: Outback, Morning After, Wild Turkey, Pebbles, Mr. Bean, Madame Tussauds, Geronimo, Rock Thrill, Gumbo, Chipotle, Linus, Paper Jam, Mighty Might, Hops, Chelsea, Bucky, Udder, Wingman, Sacagawea, Dory, Utah, Skywalker, Short Circuit, Abba, Mermaid (QIC)


90% chance of rain with cooler temps equated to 100% chance of parking deck workout for 25 SOB’s at Bagpipe.  10% wins the day and we didn’t see a drop.  Plan was already set so off we went.  Many Bagpipe regulars and some not-so regulars among the pax today.


Approximately 1/2 mile mosey from the Vine to the top of the closest parking deck.  Circle up.


SSH x 15 IC

Quad Combo: High Plank.  Merkin x 10 IC/Plank Walk x 10 IC/Plank Jack x 15 IC/MC x 15 IC

Mosey all they way down to the subterranean level of the deck.  Chair plank.  Line up facing up the incline in 3 waves.  Plank start sprints.  One incline at a time x 4.  6 inches/RLH, RAH/RLH, 6 inches/LLH, Elbows/RAH/RLH.  3,2,1 count and go for each.

2-Level Triple Nickel

AYG to the top (4 inclines)/5 Jump Squat/AYG back to launch/5 Hand-release burpees/5 repetitions.

Mary to regroup: Flutter x 15 IC/Dolly x 15 IC

Civilian Count Merkin Set

10 each: Regular/Wide arm/Diamond/Offset Left/Offset Right/Regular

AYG to the top of the deck.  Mosey back down to pick up outer layers shed for Triple Nickel. Continue mosey out of deck and back to the Vine.


Feet in air all 6 minutes: Flutter x 15 IC/Protractor/Dolly x 15 IC/Protractor/High Dolly x 15 IC/Hold for 2 ten counts/Heels to Heaven x 15 IC/Bicycle x 15 IC/Hold



Awesome to see Madame Tussauds back in action after tearing his calf muscle, Udder off IR, and Rock Thrill off IR.  Kotters men.  Strong crew at Bagpipe today.  Sacagawea owned the Triple Nickel with Dory close behind.  Mr. Bean, Hops, Pebbles, Abba pushed hard through all sets today.  Solid work from all pax.  YHC’s Garmin malfunctioned, but fairly certain we got at least 3.25 total.  Much of that uphill at strong pace.  Great job today men.


SOB winter shirts are available at the Mud Gear store.  Getting colder.

Thanksgiving football game.  AO vs AO.  Wingman has more details.

Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run early/discounted registration ends this week.  Register and details can be found HERE.  Date of race is 01/09/2015.  5K and 10K options.  This is the 4th annual race.  Over $50K raised in first 3 years for Keystone Substance Abuse Services in Rock Hill.  It is a great event.  Rock Thrill (Chris Davis) is Joe’s brother.  He can provide you more information.

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