SOFAWIB Preblast: You Name It

  • When:10/27/15
  • QIC: Sundancer
  • The PAX: Those looking to get tested

SOFAWIB Preblast: You Name It

Strange to think it’s been three months since we did this last.
Time to break out the measuring stick again and see if we’ve grown.
If you can finish* this workout – you name it.

Partner up. Everything matters.

Hang a right on Rea and run to the Harris Teeter and WAIT DON’T START RUNNING BACK.
Burpees OYO at the corner of Rea and Colony until the 6 arrives.

Run to the first telephone pole, flip to backwards run to second telephone pole – 10 good form merkins.
Forwards run to the next telephone pole, then backwards run to the next10 flutters (per leg).
Run forward, run backward – 7 burpees.
Rinse repeat – forwards/backwards/merkins/flutters/burpees
Mix in a little partner accountability check at each named side street – 10 dumbocrats.

Do it all over again on the way back from 51 to the corner of Rea and Colony.

*All exercises completed and back at OP parking lot in the 45 minutes time allotment.

If you’ve got the chutzpah to name the unnameable, join us tomorrow for another edition of the only F3 blog with its own workout, SOFAWIB.  Olde Providence Elementary – rally at 0520, launch at 0530.

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8 years ago

So chutzpah is needed? I’ll have to check and see if I have any. I know I have moxie, and maybe even some gumption. Hopefully a combination of the two might equal chutzpah?

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